October 14th, 2006

Keep Walking

Help Preserve Chaz' Heritage!

My life is a mess. Well, my online life at least!

My BLOG dates back to when I first moved to Boston in 2003. It's almost four years later, and in that time many images and links I referenced to in my blog have changed or are now invalid. Even some of the files on MY OWN SERVER have been renamed or moved!

Please help me preserve my history. Report any missing images, bad links, images that don't have any space between them and the text (old-style HTML before I learned about hspace and vspace), and other issues with entries! Please click here to report problems! Be sure to include the direct URL to the entry as well as the DATE of the entry in your report(s)! Thanks!

My song of the day: I Am - Suggs which you MIGHT recognize from a new commercial for "Old Spice High Endurance Deodorant Stick" -- the song "I Am" is by Suggs who is/was with the group Madness. It was co-written by Nick Feldman who was with Wang Chung. Feldman also performs on the song. The song was also featured on the Avengers Soundtrack.

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Keep Walking

What The Fuck? Have I completely lost it?

Will the real Mr. Uncomfortable please stand up?!?

Mr. Uncomfortable: Episode 5

YouTube is an addiction! I've been working my butt off at all sorts of odd hours, napping in between it all, and to fill in the empty space, I've been watching YouTube. I found all sorts of cool, silly, entertaining, and informative stuff out there!! I know that as the internet becomes more of a true multi-media environment, we're going to have issues with it all (especially those without broadband connections!) There's no easy way to force people to tag items properly, so videos are far more difficult to catalogue -- and jerks that are looking for hit-rates only are tagging them with false information (sort of like the jerks that put "invisible text" on their webages to be indexed more often by the search engines!) Grumble, grumble...

How long will it be before I stop typing to LiveJournal and start videotaping all my entries? Who knows? Considering the power of computers, the newer densities and methods used for storage, it won't be too long... Here's yet another downside:

Videos can only go at the pace they play. Whereas some people can READ quickly, or read things whilst listening to a PodCast™/® (Apple Computers, Inc.), a video pretty much requires 100% of your attention span. Ouch. I like to multi-task!

Well, I'd be interested to hear what YOUR feelings about video content on the internet, YouTube, Google Video, etc. and know what you think! Lately there have been very few comments, making me feel as if no one is reading anymore (you're all probably watching YouTube or PornoTube yourselves!)

For some stuff I think is good on YouTube, check out My YouTube Playlists (groups of similar videos), My YouTube Favourites, as well as My YouTube Subscriptions...

Oh, yeah... as for "the real Mr." above? Check out my comment to him... ;-)

Oh, yeah -- if you look real close, you'll notice my "eyes" are PINK light bulbs! They came from Pride Lights Boston, the opening ceremonies of Gay Pride Week!

The next song for today? Sisters Of Mercy - Vision Thing -- get it? The light-bulb eyes? Vision Thing? ----- Whatever!!! Humour is wasted on you guys sometimes!! ;-)
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