October 3rd, 2006

Keep Walking

If You Support Bush, Please Take Down Your Yellow Ribbons

From: "The Life & Times of Spencer Batchelder", The Last of the Liberal Soldier

I realize that I am a little presumptuous by saying this but I am a little presumptuous with anything I say. So if you support Bush please tear off that Support our Troops magnet off the back of your car. That symbol is meant to represent a caring for our troops and their well being. Bush, whom you so ardently support, lied to American public about a war that has cost over 2,500 soldiers their lives and 20,000 soldiers their limbs.

The Administration sent soldiers into battle with gear that wouldn't protect them from an AK-47 bullet let alone a roadside bomb. I know I spent my first 4 months in Iraq with a Vietnam era protective vest and upon finally receiving my new vest my fellow soldiers and I would have to switch out Kevlar plates for patrols because there weren't enough to go around. We patrolled the roads of Baghdad after the invasion with Humvees that had plastic sheets for doors. Bush has attempted to initiate policies to cut veterans benefits and pensions, is that what you consider supporting our troops. They have ignored the signs of battle fatigue of the soldiers on the front line to "keep them in the fight". During my first deployment in one of the most volatile areas in Baghdad we were extended past our 12 month mark on the premise that we were veterans and we knew the territory. The signs of war were written across ever soldiers face, when we were days from leaving, a mere breath away from the end of the firefights, the roadside bombs, and the death of our brothers in arms we had to unpack to stay till they said come home. A unit that had lost five good men and received over 30 purple hearts. If you support these policies of stealing from veterans and disregarding the mental and physical wellbeing of our troops please rip off that stupid magnet and tear down your yellow ribbon. You are not only a hypocrite you are disgracing the sacrifice we have made