July 19th, 2006

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Hold the lettuce!

A local P-Town drag queen, Hedda Lettuce, "fag bashes" the bear community! Read the full story on the Boston Bears LiveJournal Community!

An all out protest would only serve to make "her" even more famous -- but boycotting and letting people know what "she's" all about would be helpful...

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A hump-day special: Last weekend's post!

As I posted on Friday, I did indeed have a busy weekend!

Friday I went to the Boston Bears' happy hour at The Alley (my usual thing to do at the end of work on a Friday on the rare occasion that I remain in town!) -- I hung out with Arnie (whom I do not have a photo of!) and then Dave arrived! I got a little tipsy, but it doesn't take much to do that nowadays!

Saturday started off early with a Burger King breakfast (yum!) from someone who had an attitude that would have been better suited for working in the penal system. She goofed up Dave's order completely. Hopefully, this would be the worst thing to happen today!

Ear plugs in place, Dave and I took the motorcycle from Quincy, MA to Deep River, CT for D.R.A.M. (the Deep River Ancient Muster), which has over 100 corps marching this year!!

There was a little bit of everything from the most elaborate uniforms, to pirates, seamen (don't get any funny ideas), to simply t-shirts. The groups ranged in size from two marching guys with a drum and a single fife to a brigade of at least 25 people!

There was a LOT of eye candy -- woofy bears, half-naked men, some guys playing bagpipe, it was simply amazing!!

My buddy, Ken Barlow was NOT able to make it there this year, which was a bummer, but he gave me some hints and tips as to what to expect! Dave and I really enjoyed ourselves; even though Dave seemed unsure that he was going to have a good time. (I think he had a different idea of what this event was going to be like...)

I would go back to D.R.A.M. again, and recommend it to others!

So, going 2-1/2 hours on the motorcycle wasn't enough for you? Let's do some more!!

Sunday morning we headed out to Framingham, MA for the Xtreme Riders, M.C. "Fun Run" -- a long back-road motorcycle ride to "Tee-Off At Mel's", a mini-golf/go-kart place in Litchfield, NH.

We gathered at 9:30AM at the Ace Hardware in Framingham -- the "Red Bull Girls" showed up to hand out some of their "go-go juice" -- it was wall-to-wall leather bikers, bikes, chrome, you get the idea! Dave and I saw some really nice bikes!

I saw the first Tom-Tom navigation system for a motorcycles I'd ever seen! It was this geeky leather-biker-bear's cool toy of the year!! What I'd really like to see developed is a static force-field that displaces rain, so I could drive in the rain and not get wet! (I'm not holding my breath for that though!)

Even Carlton Andersen, the owner of Andersen Cycleworks (where I bought my Road Star), was there! (Photo on the left, in the blue shirt.)

We lucked out and got great weather! At about 11:00 we got a wonderful ride blessing from Preacher in memory of Eddie, whom the fun run was dedicated to this year. Eddie Schiller, the Fun Run's creator, was killed last year. About 11:30 we got a police escort to the edge of town from the Framingham police!

We had a GREAT ride, and a BIG kudos goes to the men and women that were our safeties -- zipping ahead of over 50 motorcycles riding in formation to get to the next intersection to block traffic so we didn't have to stop at any red lights, intersections or stop signs! Thanks guys -- you made the ride easy and safe!!

To see lots more photos of these two separate events, click here (DRAM),
or here for Xtreme Fun Run!
(Additional photos added 02-OCT-06!)

After lunch with some of the riders at "Tee-Off At Mel's", Dave and I headed back towards the Massachusetts boarder, with a stop-over at my friend loxie's home to spend some quality time and chat with her, her mom and Emily! We had a great visit, and this was the first time Dave got to meet Robin and her family.

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Snakes on a Plane!!

"Snakes on a Plane is a high concept action/horror film scheduled to be released by New Line Cinema on August 18, 2006. The David R. Ellis-helmed film was written by David Dalessandro, John Heffernan, Sheldon Turner and stars Samuel L. Jackson. Although the film is now completed, the film wrapped up principal photography in September of 2005 including five days of additional re-shooting to bring the movie from a PG-13 rating to an R rating. Though initialy speculated to be a dark, absurdist, or surreal comedy, its genre is officially designated as action/horror." -- The "Plot": Nelville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) and Sean Jones (Nathan Phillips), who are FBI agents, escort John Saunders (Mark Houghton), a former low-ranking member of the Mafia, to testify in a highly publicized case. In the course of a flight between Hawaii and California, an assassin pays airport security to sneak a time-release crate of 400 snakes of various sizes on board in the hope of killing the witness.

This is a movie I wouldn't even want to watch for free! -- is ANYONE going to actually pay to watch this silly movie? Convince me it's worth it! Take my poll:

Poll #773758 Are you going to pay to see "Snakes on a Plane" ??

Are you going to pay to see the movie: Snames on a Plane. 1 = NO WAY!, 10 = I'll be tenting outside waiting for tickets to go on sale!

Mean: 4.89 Median: 3.5 Std. Dev 3.84
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Dr. Who Episodes now ONLINE!

Well, for those of you who are waiting to see this year's (already completed) season of Dr. Who, with the NEW doctor, David Tennant -- don't hold your breath waiting for the SciFi Channel to run them anytime soon.

I now have the ENTIRE second season of "Doctor Who II" (The New Doctor Who) ready to download, and now on a faster internet connection! Today at 17:00 EST I revised the hardware and network interfaces to allow for more rapid downloads of files from my FTP server!

So, come and get 'em while I can still host them! Be the first on your block to download and watch 'em and impress your SciFi channel lovin' friends with your "knowledge of the future" (just about a year to be exact!)

You can now download (one at a time please) all of last year and this year's episodes of Dr. Who! Enjoy!

http://chazhome.com/Dr Who/Dr Who 2006.html