July 7th, 2006

Keep Walking

UnderBEAR Party Tomorrow!

Why sit home and masturbate again this weekend???

Join the Boston Bears
at The Alley this Saturday,
July 8th for another great...


- Complimentary clothing check!
- Underwear mandatory on 2nd floor!
- No cover charge!

Hope to see (more of) you at The Alley this Saturday, July 8th, starting at 10 PM!

The Alley Bar is located at 14 Pi Alley, just off Washington St in Downtown Boston, MA

The Alley, home bar of The Boston Bears since 2003!
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Keep Walking

Do you know what the "W" stands for?

... it stands for "Y-e-t-!"

The short video "My United States of Whateva" is intended as a biting satire of George W. Bush's policies, and it certainly works on that level. At the same time, though, I can't help but think Bush supporters might really like it as well. Such are the strange times we live in.

(Click image above to view the short video. Macromedia Flash/Shockwave REQUIRED)

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Picnic Bear

How to Be A Secret Agent Bear

The five major food groups (for bears):
Lard, Donuts, Cheeze Whiz, Red Meat and Chocolate
-- Have you have all your five today?

Click on the image to watch the video short: How to Be A Secret Agent Bear

I'm obviously spending too much time on "YouTube"...

Keep Walking

... and now it's time for some original content!!

I've been a busy beaver! Work has been hectic, I have been travelling again, my energy levels are up and down all the time, but no wonder - look at what I've been up to!

Mind you, I never got around to journaling the last few days I spent in England... but I had the following notes for myself, so, you'll just have to use your WILDEST imagination about it all, or ask me in person! :-)

Saturday - 6 May
http://www.wagamama.com/ - Dave P., Dr. C, and others!
http://www.rbgkew.org.uk/ - Dave P.
http://www.theproducerslondon.com/ - Dr. C, Dave P.

Sunday - 7 May
Driving to Nottinghamshire (I'm still trying to get re-adjusted to driving on the right in the US!)

Monday - 8 May
Making Dave P.'s home a WiFi "Hotspot"
Pizza Hut in England
British tele shows
Dave cooks fabulous dinner
Dr. Who sweeps Baftas Awards!

Tuesday - 9 May
Returning to London by myself in the M1
Getting lost (thanks to the street having two names, one for eastbound, one for westbound!)
Motor Biker crashing into my rental car 5 metres before I return it... :-(
£5 haircut, Hanging at Compton's on a Tuesday Afternoon
SOP @ Central Station (Streams of Pleasure) a watersports fetish club at Central Station, King's Cross

Wednesday - 10 May
The flight home, bitchy trolley dollies on the domestic leg of the flight.

Dates: 01-JUN-06 thru 06/03-JUN-06
Event: ECMC Biker's Christening / ECMC Biker's Picnic

Dave and I were going to take Sabazios* (my motorcycle) to New York City for my annual pilgrimage to the Empire City Motorcycle Club's Bike Blessing/Christening and Biker Picnic. I've been going to this event (on and off) for 20 years (damn, I feel old thinking of it like that!) Of course, the weather decided NOT to agree with our plans, and it rained like a mutherfucker that weekend... We still went to the Bike Blessing at the Dugout (185 Christopher Street), all of two bikes braved the weather. As the picnic the following morning required you to be on a motorcycle, Dave and I stayed in New York and had a grand time! We walked from W 30th St all the way up to the centre of Central Park, then took the M1 bus to the East Village for some shopping. Of course we went out & about on the town too! Even though the weather sucked, we had a great time!

* Sabazios is the nomadic horseman sky and father god of the Phrygians. In Indo-European languages, such as Phrygian, the '-zios' element in his name has a common root with 'deus' (god) or Zeus. Though the Greeks associated Phrygian Sabazios with Zeus, representations of him, even into Roman times, show him always on horseback, as a nomadic horseman god, wielding his characteristic staff of power. My motorcycle was christened "Sabazios" 22 July 2004 at the Empire City Motorcycle Club's White Mountains Bike Tour...

Dates: 09-JUN-06 thru 11-JUN
Event: Pride Lights / Boston Gay Pride Parade

The Famous Hat SistersFriday evening, Dave, Mark and I went to the opening celebration of "Gay Pride Week" in Boston - the event is known as "Pride Lights", where all sorts of people get up on a stage on Tremont Street and ramble on about stuff -- politicians subtly are saying "vote for me", organizations toot their own horn about how great they are, and the finale is when they flip the switch to light a huge Christmas tree indicating that gay pride week has begun.

Saturday was the Gay Pride Parade, and it was a wet one! Dave, Mark and I met up with a friend for breakfast at the Park Plaza Hotel, then it was on to Boston Common, where there were booths for just about every fringe gay/lesbian group you could think of -- we didn't stay to watch the parade, we walked through the streets where they were queuing up for the parade, so we got to see the whole thing at our own pace. Of course, the big news with this year's pride week was that headlines around the world read: "Macy's removes 'gay' mannequins" -- they really pissed a lot of people off...

Dates: 25-JUN-06
Event: North Shore Medical Centre Cancer Walk

Surprise, surprise! Rain on a weekend? Who guessed it? Sunday, 25-JUN was the NSMC Cancer walk. Our team, "Ellie's Next Generation" is photoed above -- we walked the entire distance through the on-an-off again rain. Check photos of the event on my LiveJournal Photo Album/Scrapbook.

Dave and friends worked really hard to create the commemorative painter's caps with a photo of Ellie, Jr. and Ellie Sr. -- great work guys!

I'd like to shout-out a special thank you to everyone that sponsored me! I raised $335.00, 33% of my goal of $1,000. My sponsors included: Mr Hottie Chris, Ikebear, Alex Antonelli, Jeannine Delaney,,Robert Antonelli, Frick, Matthew Hess, Daniel Faucher / Verna T., Fred, Robin Fogerty, krp (Kevin) and Jo M!! Thanks much!

Of course, this is just a re-cap of June... July is 1/4 over today!

Creepy Galloping Beast

You can live next door to the hottest man in Boston!

... or so I'm told by several visually-impaired people!

My next door neighbour, Chris B. is selling his condo! I guess he got tired of hearing all the screaming and yelling from all the sex going on over here, keeping him awake every night!

Chris' condo is laid-out exactly like mine, except everything is backwards! I don't know how he could live in that "bizarro world" -- I'd be bumping into the walls and such! (Of course I'm joking!)

Some photos of his place are below, but you can see the listing here if you're interested! The asking price is only $419,900!