May 12th, 2006

Keep Walking

I'm back from England!!

Wednesday - 3 May

I met up with Dave P. mid-day at the train station -- it was great to see his smiling face depart the train and head over to me! We were doing the "hotel shuffle" again this trip, so we headed to our first home away from home, The Melia White House Hotel near Regent's Park, opposite Great Portland Street tube station. After a smooth check-in, we headed to South Kensington Station to see the Natural History Museum -- we spent a lot of time there, it's a vast museum!

From there, we went out for a pint (ending up drinking four to six pints) at Compton's in Soho. Compton's is a classic gay pub. One reviewer said: "Despite a recent redecoration and an attempt to make upstairs 'posher' this is still a cruisy bar - very likely to get action in the toilets if that's your thing. But it is always packed despite Monday night being the only night with reasonable bar prices. Most of the staff are in their early 20s and obviously never learnt to smile, are the gayer than gay type, look like they've never pulled a pint before and definitely not worth your few extra pence in tips." -- there are several negative things in his review that I find inaccurate, as the barmen there always smile at me! Honestly, I didn't even KNOW there was an "upstairs" until later this trip! More about that later...

Both Dave and I had enough and it was time for a bite! Across and up the street, a new Thai restaurant opened up called TukTuk, and we both ordered a fixed-price three course meal. We were stuffed after the appetizer and soup, but carried on! Great tasting food and considering we only spent £27.00 ($49.73) for two (including non-alcoholic beverages and tip) it was a winning deal! Yum!! Being of full bellies, we went back to the hotel to crash in our tiny twin beds.

Thursday - 4 May

We started the day by getting on the tube (Underground) and returning to South Kensington Station, stopping at a cafe for a "Traditional English Breakfast" consisting of a hard-cooked egg, bangers (sausage), British bacon (back bacon), baked beans, toast and tea. (Are you interested more about British food? Check out this website and scroll down to the "BRITISH MEALS" section. It's a good site, although the photos are unappetizing!) We needed a good breakfast for what was in store -- for today we were to tour the mammoth Victoria & Albert Museum!

The V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum!) is HUGE! Just about everything you can think of was there! We spent the entire day looking around it. We ran out of time towards the end, as they were packing it in for the day when we were almost done! If you have the time, it's well worth the stop whilst in London!

After touring the V&A, we took a walking tour (see map below for reference) through South Kensington, up Knightsbridge, then through Hyde Park, on to Marble Arch and then up Oxford Street until it was about time to meet up with chrishansenhome for dinner at 19:00 near the Elephant & Castle tube -- we spent some time chatting about everything over a lovely Indian meal at Castle Tandoori.

Later that evening, we went to The King's Arms (London's premier bear bar in Soho.) for a nightcap, then it was off to our tiny beds again...

... More about my trip to London will be posted on Monday!

I'm very happy to announce the creation of "Chaz' Dr. Who - 2006 - Episode Guide & Downloads" featuring the first two episodes of Dr. Who as played by David Tennant!

I've encoded both "The Christmas Invasion" and "New Earth" into AVIs. In The Christmas Invasion, The Tardis falls to Earth on Christmas Eve, bringing the new Doctor home to Rose's family. But while his regeneration goes wrong, Santa-shaped assassins and deadly Christmas trees herald the approach of a terrible danger from the stars. The Sycorax are coming, and without the Doctor, the human race is helpless.

Why am I bouncy? Well, after being in the muck for the past five weeks, my doctor prescribed me low-dose testosterone (5gr/day), of which I applied my first dose last night before bed. I woke up bright-spirited and have remained energetic since 5am this morning and I'm still going!! Imagine how I'll feel in a week's time! I might be my chipper old self once again!
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Keep Walking

RIP: Terry Marshall

Terry Marshall

Friend, Brother, Ram
May 4th 1964 - May 11th 2006

Terry Marshall passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at 18:30 11-May-06 exactly one week following his 42nd birthday (his actual age was a closely guarded secret!) Terry Marshall is/was a full member of the Rochester Rams, M.C. for many years and stood 6'2, weighed 225 pounds and sported a very muscular build.

Terry went to hospital with a severe headache and did not recover following a "seizure", and is believed (at this time) to have suffered a brain aneurysm or stroke.

Terry was a mild-mannered and kind person that was a staple in the Rams for a long time. He will be missed by all who knew him...

Funeral & services information will be posted in the Democrat & Chronicle.
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