April 4th, 2006

Keep Walking

The L.U.R.E. plans to return to N.Y.C.

Dear Gentlemen,

This email is sent to the community, i.e.: YOU & YOUR respective clubs to fill you in on what has been rumored.

Yes, we are hoping to open a new L.U.R.E. in NYC hopefully by October 2006.

The location we have centered on is a current establishment that currently has 5000 sq. ft open, with an additional 5000sq ft. downstairs for future use. It is convenient to the subway as well as the tunnels. With plenty of parking in the area, on street as well as in lots. It is a safe area as well.

We are currently engaged in the negotiations on the property, hassling with the usual things like C of O's etc. We have approximately 80% of the financing to buy the current business, but require additional capital to expand from a 250 head capacity to the size that can accommodate the usual L.U.R.E. crowds on the weekends. We welcome investors to help in this.

We don't want the L.U.R.E to be owned by a group of effete snobs, but rather by true members of the community. So far we have been doing pretty well in that department. If you or some friends are interested in helping the L.U.R.E. NYC open for the fall, please contact me at sparkyslav@earthlink.net for more information.

YOURS, in Brotherhood & in Leather, Uniform, Rubber, Etc. J.P. " sparky" Pietrosewicz

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