April 2nd, 2006

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Influencing Elections?


Please help by forwarding this message to everyone you know in Queens County, New York.

Currently, Tom Stevens is the incumbent "Libertarian Party of Queens County New York State Representative." As there are literally only a handful of members in the Libertarian Party of Queens County, only ONE VOTE from ONE person will make a HUGE difference in this upcoming election! Of the three positions Stevens' has held, this is last remaining existing official position within the Libertarian Party of New York.

I would like to encourage you to attend the 2006 Queens County LP Annual Convention, which will be held at Bohemian Hall, 29-19 24th Avenue, Astoria (one block north of the Astoria Boulevard N Train station, 1/2 block west of 31st Street), starting at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 8. The Queens LP plans to host at least one speaker of note, and lunch will be available. For more information about the convention, please call the Queens LP at 718-707-1421.

One of the items of business to be decided at that convention is the election of officers for the Queens LP, and that is the purpose of this letter. As a chapter of the Libertarian Party of New York (the state affiliate of the national Libertarian Party), the Queens LP is entitled to send a representative to the LPNY State Committee, who becomes a full member of that committee. At the 2005 annual convention, the Queens LP sent Tom Stevens to the LPNY State Committee as its representative. Mr. Stevens has announced his intention to run for re-election to that position. In light of the damage his presence on the State Committee has already caused, I fear that electing Mr. Stevens to another term could be a disaster for the LPNY, and to that extent, a disaster for the libertarian cause as a whole.

Since 1999, the LPNY State Committee has done much of its business on line, by the use of a Yahoo! discussion group, on the internet. It still holds occasional meetings in person, and several teleconferences every year; but on a day-to-day basis, committee members type a message on their computers, click "Send," and every other committee member automatically receives the messages in their internet "In-Box." Even motions can be made and voted on using the internet. It has become a perpetual meeting, for better or worse.

Since Tom Stevens was elected as the Queens LP representative to the State Committee in April 2005, the level of discourse on that discussion list has been atrocious. Days, and then weeks, are spent on determining whether Mr. Stevens' attacks on other libertarians are justified, and whether the responses to those attacks are themselves, attacks. Several enthusiastic and productive people have lost their enthusiasm, and in several cases have quit all of their involvement, due to Mr. Stevens' disruptions. When committee members inquire of one another whether action should be taken against Mr. Stevens, as the source of the disruption, Mr. Stevens invariably reminds the State Committee that he is the "duly elected representative from the Queens LP," and that the committee should defer to the wishes of the voters of the Queens LP.

In fact, Mr. Stevens was "elected" to the position only because no one else volunteered for the job. Only about ten or so members voted at the last convention, and about half of them were elected to some chapter office, all unanimously. Mr. Stevens wanted chapter representative, and he got it.

On Saturday, April 8th, the Libertarian Party of Queens will be holding elections. You can join the Libertarian Party the day of the vote and have voting privileges! The web site of the Queens LP is: http://www.lpqc.org/ and although it has not been updated since December 2004, the by-laws of the organization are still as posted there. Any resident of Queens County New York who can make it to the meeting should bring a completed Membership Application form, and a cheque for $20 payable to "The Libertarian Party of Queens County". The form can be found at: http://www.lpqc.org/membership.shtml

Tom has been a major determent to the Libertarian Party with his shady behaviour and public online threats against me and others. In addition to pushing his issues through his own yahoo account, he has also been pushing his personal agenda by proxy by allegedly impersonating other party members (including Dallwyn Merck who's an older gentleman in the LPNY and has virtually NO computer skills.)

Many of you may have seen the "You Win!" post where he a very publicly gives up his very public "circumcise all boys" fight -- don't be fooled! He only stepped away from the argument as a ruse since this election is upcoming! Once his first group, "Roundheads United" was founded, I don't believe he had any idea that I would point out his actions to his peers within the Libertarian Party! He was already on shaky ground before speaking out in favour of routine infant circumcision; now more than ever, his true colours are showing -- his manipulation of the party and party members, using his "titles" to recruit persons to serve his purposes and other scantly clad pet projects of his. But that's not all...

There have been a number of egregious posts by Mr. Stevens to the State Committee discussion list, just since April 2005. You can see by the volume, that Mr. Stevens has been taking up much of the time of the State Committee. The problem is, all of that time has been spent unproductively, on matters that do not advance the goal of liberty. It is not up to me to say whether that has been Mr. Stevens’ intent, but that is clearly the result. Below is an example of some of his actions:

01. Attacks on LPNY Secretary Blay Tarnoff, and resulting distraction over “decorum” resolutions;

02. Attacks on LPNY Political Director Warren Redlich (who subsequently resigned, blaming Stevens for “driving him out”);

03. Attacks on LPNY State Committee member M Carling;

04. Attacks on LPNY Essex County Temporary Chair Gerry Allwell (over whether his dues were current);

05. Attacks on the LPNY State Committee;

06. Attacks on LPNY Vice Chair Bonnie Scott;

07. Attacks on LPNY Rockland County Temporary Chair Jeff Bennett;

08. Attacks on LPNY Ithaca LP Representative Andrew Gardner (who subsequently resigned as College Outreach Coordinator);

09. Attacks on LPNY Suffolk LP Representative Chris Garvey;

10. Attacks on Brooklyn Borough President LP candidate Gary Popkin;

11. Attacks on LPNY State Committee Member Gary Donoyan;

12. Attacks on former LPNY Chair Richard Cooper;

13. Violations of LPNY State Committee rules, or their spirit.

Tom now has some serious opposition since Jeff Monheit has thrown his hat into the race -- but Jeff needs our help to override the few remaining Stevens' supporters. Please consider joining the Libertarian Party of Queens County, New York and attending the election on April 8th, and vote for Jeff Monheit!

You have a unique opportunity to have a real impact on the cause of liberty, this year. I ask you to review the record of Mr. Stevens’ communications to the State Committee list. If you conclude, as I think you will, that it would be better if the Queens LP sent a different representative to the LPNY State Committee, then I urge you to attend the April convention at Bohemian Hall, and record your vote. You will have an opportunity to meet with and ask questions of all the candidates, including Mr. Stevens, and you may decide to run for the position yourself! If you have not joined the Queens LP, you may do so at the convention. Thank you for your support of liberty, and for your time in considering this matter. I hope to see you in Astoria on April 8.

Sincerely and in Liberty,


Charles A. Antonelli
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