March 27th, 2006

Keep Walking

The Long Island Ravens' 14th Anniversary Run Weekend: Cruise Control

The Long Island Ravens hold their anniversary weekend every year in "beautiful" Ronkonkoma, New York. The run is your typical in-town/hotel run weekend with hospitality suite and two dungeon/playrooms. Unlike former years (since the food service at the Ronkonkoma Holiday Inn went so far downhill over the past three years) they moved the main dinner to The Historical Thatched Cottage in Centerport, NY, a very nice banquet house which treated us like royalty! As always with in-town runs, Friday night is the very best for meeting up and playing... why? Because on Saturday night, some people that are not run attendees tend to show up. Adding even one "disco queen" to the a mix of leathermen is like adding water to a fire -- even if they are cute or into the S&M scene, their queeny clothing and behaviour is a serious detriment to leather play. In the case of this Saturday after hours, there were at least two of the disco bunnies that were so high on drugs (probably crystal meth) that I don't think they even knew where they were. These queeny folks really don't fit into our crowd and it's sort of annoying to have to deal with their screeching "Omigawd! Doesn't that hurt?" when you're in the middle of a hot scene. It's because of these guys I cancelled my Saturday night sounding demo. At least on Friday night I got to do a heavy punch fucking/fisting scene, some gomco play with several folks, a 500ml saline scrotal inflation and a few other interesting things!

A visit to Brooklyn

Dave and I departed before closing ceremonies so we could hook up with my mate Joe H., his new beau Josh and his fun & frisky roommate Max. Other than Coney Island, Dave has not been to Brooklyn before. The five of us had a great brunch and talked about everything from my upcoming appearance on Hardfire to circumcision and politics! We're all very easy guys to talk to, even if don't agree on something. It was a nice visit, but alas, too quick.

We got back about 19:00 and after a light dinner, were asleep by 21:00! It was a busy weekend, and we both got very little sleep.

Speaking of tricks and macho crap, check out The East Bay Mind Fuck: A cute story of humiliation and bad taste... Walking behind the guy I'd just met in the Powerhouse, I remember thinking to myself, "Damn, Joe. Just how hard up are you?" I preferred having sex in my own place, so I could kick the other guy(s) out afterwards and get some sleep. And here I'd just agreed to follow this dude all the fucking way to Berkeley. But he was handsome, furry, and muscular. You'd have gone to Berkeley for this guy too. ... read more ...
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