February 10th, 2006

Keep Walking

The week in review...

Damn, I've been busy!!

On Sunday, Dave and I went to Chinatown (in Boston) for the second weekend of Chinese New Year's celebrations. Photos are here, should you care to view them. As this was the first time I've ever been to this sort of event, it was quite exciting to be a part of it!

On Monday, I was at the Massachusetts State House lobbying for the MGM Bill for Massachusetts. Since then, I've also called, written, and e-mailed in support of the bill. Just today I got a reply from my Senator that looks favourable that he will introduce it before the Senate! I've also started a Yahoo Group called MGMbill-MA in an attempt to coordinate other persons across the Commonwealth that support the bill.

Tuesday and Wednesday were a heavy work days.

Thursday I visited my "key pal" in the mentoring programme for breakfast with all the other 5th graders and mentors from IBM in Cambridge at their school! Very cool! Following that, it was back to the State House again, this time lobbying for Senate Bill 1344, which if NOT for Senator Marc R. Pacheco, the Senator from Taunton, who had the bill tabled for another week, it would have passed!!! Grrrrrr... So, we'll be back enforce next week!

The amendment, which should be acted upon on February 9th, calls for:

* Increasing civil and criminal penalties to motorists who cause accidents when they violate the ‘right of way’ of all other road users (including motorcyclists), and shifting the financial burden (excess medical costs and lost wages) from injured victims to the at-fault operators;
* Allows owners of motorcycles to ‘opt-out’ of the existing motorcycle insurance system and go to a competitive market, opening the doors for more insurers to write coverages in Massachusetts;
* Allows experienced motorcyclists (6 years or more) or those to take the Rider Education Course, and have private health insurance or $50,000 in optional medical payments coverage, ‘choice’ of helmet wear;
* A $125 assessment to those who violate the law, with the assessment going to the State’s Head Injury Trust Fund Program;
* Changes in the existing motorcycle exhaust laws to limit the noise of motorcycle pipes.

If enacted in the Senate and House, and signed by the Governor, the law would take affect July 1, 2006.

This weekend Dave and I will be hanging out -- somewhere -- we haven't decided yet, as we prepare to go to New Jersey on Sunday morning for a mini-vacation in Atlantic City!

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