February 2nd, 2006

Keep Walking

I'm still healing, weekend plans and the MGM Bill!

I just made serious revisions to the Where's Chaz website -- there are an unusual number of "available weekends" -- I've been slacking! Dave and I are chatting about going to Washington, D.C. in the spring, and we're still arguing over the Sint Maarten trip. It just dawned on me that because the SXM trip was pushed out two weeks from when I was originally planning it, I will return from the Caribbean just to hop a jet to go to London five days later... Sigh. Oh well, that's several weeks away and there's still time to change it around a bit.

This weekend, Dave and are planning on going to Urinetown - The Musical (tonight), The Alley on Friday night for Boston Bears' Happy Hour, the Boston BikExpo at the World Trade Center and then on Sunday, it's off to Chinese New Year in Chinatown, Boston!

Monday I will be going to the Massachusetts State House to present the MGM Bill to all 197 of my elected officials in person!
Toady's song, Midge Ure - Cold, Cold Heart:

When I was just a boy
The voice of an angel came to me
It said your future is there inside your cold cold heart
But I was just a boy
And a boy sees what he wants to see
And I saw nothing to share inside this cold cold heart
Somebody should have told me
That when you're born to this world
Your life starts slipping away

Come stand beside me
Come gather round me
Come stand beside me, Come gather round me
An' heat this cold cold heart
With love inside me
With arms around me
With love inside me, with arms around me
We'll heat this cold cold heart

Oh, when I became a man
The voice of a devil said to me
It said forever you'll live inside your cold cold heart
But I'm a better man
A wiser man who wants to be free
To have someone to care about this cold cold heart
Somebody should have loved me
They should have taken me on
Instead of taking away
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    Midge Ure - Cold, Cold Heart