January 29th, 2006

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More news on the RIC (Routine Infant Circumcision) front

More on the circumcision warfront...

I've been an active member of cf_hardcore for some time, a debate about which is better "cut or uncut" pulled me in. With the advances the MGM Bill (a bill [proposed law] which will completely outlaw circumcision in the United States for anyone under 18 years of age) has made in the past few months, I thought it would be a fun place to debate some of the issues behind the MGM Bill. Can you say "flame on!"?

It's simply amazing what happens when a proposed LAW is put on the agenda that threatens "the old ways" (whether Jewish or not!) Proof again that people resist change.

Thanks to ONE person in the group, tsorton, who wrote:

Wow, we finally hit a new level of hypocrisy.

To summarise:

Anyone who supports that bill is:

a) anti-semit, because no other religion but Judaism's requires breeders to mutilate their larvae for the glory of the gawd;

b) if not anti-semit then religiously intolerant arsehole (or both) because, you know, it's gazillion years old tradition and an "important religious ritual" and therefore it is good;

c) male chauvinist - because there is nothing wrong with mutilating male larvae (see above) and talking about it makes female circumcision less barbaric and is an attack on women (best WTF argument I have ever seen);

d) prejudiced against those fine folks who believe it's OK to mutilate male larvae because "it's aesthetically more pleasing" and "*I* like it that way";

Also, apparently it's OK to post news articles/blogs/etc about IDWIYO as long as it has nothing to do with circumcision, because (see all of the above).

You get the idea... If you want to see the entire thread of messages (you must be sooo bored), you can do so by clicking here.
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Keep Walking

A Hike through the Blue Hills

Yesterday, Mark, Dave and I took a hike through the Blue Hills. The Blue Hills Reservation is "located only minutes from the bustle of downtown Boston, the DCR Blue Hills Reservation stretches over 7,000 acres from Quincy to Dedham, Milton to Randolph, providing a green oasis in an urban environment. Rising above the horizon, Great Blue Hill reaches a height of 635 feet, the highest of the 22 hills in the Blue Hills chain. From the rocky summit visitors can see over the entire metropolitan area. With its scenic views, varied terrain and 125 miles of trails, the Blue Hills Reservation offers endless hours of enjoyment for the outdoor enthusiast."

It was a beautiful sunny day -- most of the trails (although somewhat snowy) were walkable/passable in regular shoes. What a lot of people don't know is that the Blue Hills is also one of the crusiest parks outside of "The Fens" in Boston. It's fun when we made our way to the trails, and when we returned from the trails watching these guys standing around looking at the bare trees and the Chickatawbut Lookout tower, pretending to be so nonchalant about the fact that they are on the prowl hunting for cock! See cruising for sex's sex listings for Boston for more information.

After out hike was over, we returned for a light lunch at my place and then everyone went in their own directions... Later that night, we decided to go to "d-bar", the new gay bar in Dorchester, MA.

There was a LINE to get into the place! I guess that's a sign that it's doing well, eh? Other than there not being a good place to escape the LOUD music and the fact that 20% of the clientele in the bar were females (it's a GAY bar, hello???) it was a really enjoyable experience! Of course, I went dressed in full leather! I got lots of approving stares, quite a few positive comments, as well as a number of pats/gropes on the ass. ;-) I even got Dave out onto the dance floor for a little while! We hung out there 'till about 12:30/1:00am and then called it quits.
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