January 19th, 2006

Keep Walking

... the saga continues ...

Thanks to everyone that wrote and called in support of my recent difficulty with my relationship -- Dave and I made some serious headway last night and things are looking a lot better. Although our relationship is just nearly about to cross into our first anniversary (15 April), it's hard to imagine my life before Dave -- it really bothers me when someone I care about thinks "it's not working." I think our biggest issue is the distance between us -- we're a 90 minute drive from each other. In addition, we both work different hours. Our time together is always limited, but I enjoy each moment I have with him. I simply need to make a serious effort to focus more on our relationship -- when someone has A.D.D., it's easy to get distracted by other events on one's life; whether or not their s.o. is involved or not.

In other news, my cock is doing well... I made it past the 3rd night/4th day which I remember to always be the worst! I only took one pain killer during the day, which is a good sign. Ten more days to go before we assess if the bandage should come off and catheter should come out. From the few parts I can see, and the colour of the bandages, I know there's some serious healing going on underneath them all! Thanks to a prescription for Enablex, I am not experiencing the bladder spasms I got last time I wore a catheter long term -- it really makes the whole thing much more manageable!!

Chuckle of the day... Check out this userpic from linguafranca
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