January 16th, 2006

Keep Walking

Back from the Circumcision Centre (again!)

I've been having some fun in Atlanta! Friday & Saturday at the Eagle. I met some nice guys! Folks are really friendly in this city!

Today I just had more work done on my cock at The Circumcision Centre! I will probably be out of commission for 30 days again, which is why I did this in the beginning of the year (as I did the first time around in January 2005) -- I know you're thinking I'm nuts for doing this yet again, but the end result I desire is very specific and after the 2nd procedure things didn't heal up perfectly. Although 97% of the guys out there would be very happy with the results I have now. Mostly, I want the underside to be completely smooth with no scar tissue showing (like Dave Pike's came out); secondly, the scrotal work I had done left a bump at the bottom of the incision and a 4mm scar tissue gapping -- this time we used non-dissolvable nylon sutures. There is a risk doing this, as it's already "perfect" in many people's eyes, and getting even better results are a gamble -- but after seeing it before getting bandaged up, I think it's going to look fantastic! We left the circumcision scarline alone. It's just too perfect to mess with.

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... and now for something completely different ... A good read: LSD: The Geek's Wonder Drug?
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