January 4th, 2006

Keep Walking

The internet is becoming a scary place... and I like it!

My new online addiction is multimedia, and Google Video has become the new college public access cable station! For example, see the "Diet Coke and Mentos reaction!"

Google has simply never ceased to amaze me with the projects they've cranked out... forcing the industry standard to change again and again. Yes, they've ruffled a few feathers in the process -- like publishers that are pissed off with Google Books. But Google has been doing what I've been saying for ages where the internet is heading -- it's becoming a true network of multimedia, entertainment and eduction. Want to see more of Google's "expiremental" stuff? Check out http://labs.google.com/, Google's technology playground.

You can take college courses online, shop, watch television shows & movies, listen to radio stations from around the world (or only on the internet, like Bear Radio and Radio Gay International Network!

It's simply amazing!! Some of this free content and services are specialized and broadcast for an extremely limited audience, worldwide for next to nothing -- allowing people to be more creative than ever! Or, in the case of some people, more demented than ever (such as you will find at Consumption Junction and B.M.E.

It's like open source for everything!! ... and Google is leading the way!

I was afraid to buy their stock when they went public, as we all remember too well the dot.com bomb and still suffer from empty office buildings in the valley. Who knew that this time it would be different? It opened at $100/share on 19/08/04, and jumped meagerly to $111.60 on 24/08/04, then started to go back down again (I was not surprised, $100 seemed like a lot for an I.P.O.!) it fell below $100 to $99.19 on 02/09/04 (which would have been the best time to buy!!), because it NEVER came back down! At end of day today, your single share in Google is worth $445.24!

It's just an amazing success story that keeps getting better! It really sucks that I was so shy about buying their stock, as I thought to myself just how much I love Google! I was using them before most people even knew they existed! I thought to myself, "Well, I'm a geek... of course I would, but it's not mainstream yet!" As upset about not being an investor as I am, I'm very happy for them!!

Well, I spent my first New Year's in Boston this year! I went to first night with Dave (for a couple of hours, before the screaming kids [read: vaginal droppings] and the bitter cold got to us and we headed to The Alley to ring in the new year with *ahem* civilized people! We even met a few new friends!

This week has simply been catch-up for both Dave and myself, in fact, since Monday evening, Dave hasn't even called me, e-mailed me or anything (boo hoo hoo!) -- But I know he's busy with inventory at work, and putting in lots of hours. A simple call would make me feel a little bit better!

Tomorrow, my buddy, Joe S. from North Carolina (the guy that took the photos of my circumcision procedure last year) arrives in Boston and he's going up to the N.E.M.O. party at Salt Ash Inn with me! I hope he enjoys himself! My one year anniversary of my circumcision is only six days away! Damn, a year goes by fast if you're not watching the clock! As of today, at 23:00, I have had 15,095 hits to my circumcision photos website! That's simply amazing!!! The only other site that I run that comes close is http://circumsexual.com which has 16,208 hits as of today -- but that site has been tracked for over six months now!

On another tech topic, before I go to bed -- I set up my Yahoo 360 account yesterday, with much hesitation, as Yahoo really pissed me off in 2005 by deleting my mc4bbs account, which I had there for seven years without reason or recourse... But, I'll tread softly and see where this goes. In the light of Google putting everything on the internet, this seems to be Yahoo's idea of inter-connecting blogging, profiles, friends, groups and more! They are even supporting RSS feeds (so they've been learning!)

If you made it this far, your treat for the day is The "Why Macs Suck" Video be sure to share it with your MacIntosh friends! ;-)
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