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Red Dwarf coming back, starting tonight!

Looks like Red Dwarf is finally returning! "Red Dwarf: Back to Earth" is airing in 3 parts in the UK starting this Friday. It seems to be a 3-parter followed by a 'making of' special. Not trying to give away any more of the plot than the title does, but it does involve the crew finally returning to Earth...

BBC: "To celebrate the 21st birthday of Red Dwarf, we're bringing back the original cast for a three part special over Easter. Check out the Red Dwarf on Dave Easter schedule.

Plus - make sure you join us for a Red Dwarf Live Chat from 9pm on Friday 10th April to tell us how your celebrating the crew's return and what you think of the new shows!

Over the last few months we've been bringing you a weekly update on how the production is going packed with all the latest news, gossip and first-look images as well as a smeg load of Red Dwarf Quizzes to keep you entertained. Plus - we've got some exclusive Red Dwarf: Back to Earth Videos in our Cinema.

Back to Earth is going to be a Red Dwarf epic. The show as you have never, ever seen it before. Oh smeg, yes."

Friday, April 10th from 9pm (GMT+0/4pm EST)
Back to Earth – Part One
Gunmen of the Apocalypse
Tikka to Ride

The boys are back and while they may be older they’re still none the wiser. Their spectacular return in Back to Earth – Part One is followed by a triple-bill of classic episodes.

Red Dwarf’s Emmy-award winning ‘roast beef western’ Gunmen of the Apocalypse is followed by fan-favourite Quarantine, featuring the terrifying Mr Flibble. The evening concludes with the time-travel epic Tikka to Ride where the team accidentally prevent the Kennedy assassination.

Saturday, April 11th from 9pm
Back to Earth – Part Two
Smeg Ups
Emohawk – Polymorph II

There’s one planet Dave Lister has always called home, and he finally makes it there in Back to Earth – Part Two.

Then Kryten, Lister and Rimmer settle down to watch a classic selection of Smeg Ups – in space no-one can hear you scream cut! Then it’s a monster double-bill with the emotion-sucking Polymorph and Emohawk – Polymorph II.

Sunday, April 12th from 9pm
Back to Earth – Part Three
The Making of Back to Earth
Back to Reality

The Back to Earth story concludes in shocking fashion, bringing this all-new adventure to a close. But stick around for The Making of Back to Earth, going behind the scenes on Red Dwarf’s most amazing adventure.

After that we pack in a couple of fan favourites. The top-voted brain-melter Back to Reality is followed by Rimmer and Lister’s confined confrontations in Marooned.

Monday, April 13th from 9pm
Back to Earth – Part One
Back to Earth – Part Two
Back to Earth – Part Three
The Making of Back to Earth

A chance to relive the entire three-part adventure on Dave – from deep space in the far future to Earth in 2009 – in Back to Earth parts one, two and three. Plus a second chance to see how the whole thing was made.

As a cheeky bonus, here's the lads in their brand new sleeping quarters:

You can see ALL of the original Red Dwarf on

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