December 5th, 2005

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World AIDS Day is an international day of action on HIV and AIDS which takes place every year on December 1st. This year, make a painless New Year's resolution to help the fight against HIV and AIDS with your spare computer power!

World Community Grid is a software project that can utilize your PC when you're not using it to help find new drug treatments for HIV and AIDS. Simply download the software and install the software on your internet connected PC! This software uses spare CPU cycles that you're NOT using on your system (for example, when the screen saver is running) to perform computational tasks to test potential drug molecules to see how they interact with HIV/AIDS, which will lead to new HIV/AIDS drugs and better HIV/AIDS treatment! After downloading the software/screen saver, please ensure that the only active project on your "My Projects" settings is set for "FightAIDS@Home" Thanks for caring!!!

Download the software here:

For more information about World Community Grid, and how it works -- look here:

Please pass this information on to friends and family!!! Don't let your computer just sit around doing nothing when you're not using it! You can help save millions of lives!!
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