November 4th, 2005

Keep Walking

Yea!! The Weekend's Here!

I have been pretty quiet lately, which is normal for me when the weather starts to change. I get moody, depressed and discouraged. It seems that MANY of my closest friends also had a pretty awful October this year for many reasons.

The sun's back out, the rain has subsided, and the temperatures are more temperate! I'm feeling better, and the reality that the leaves are falling and the snow is on it's way has sunk in and I've accepted it. (Someday I will move to a better climate, but as some folks say: You can't leave New England -- because your feet are frozen to the ground! *) Well, my motorcycle is still on the road (for now), so I'm doing well and feeling much better than last month!!!

From the "Everyone's a critic department...
(Well, also the "where have you been?" department):)

It only took ten months for ernestsewell to read about my circumcision, then post an entry in deep disgust about it! Chuckle... For those interested, it's here. To each their own! Everyone has their own opinion of things ya know...

Should I let him and his commenters know that I'm going back to get more hacked off in January 2006? Probably not...

<---- What many still don't comprehend -- I am against infant circumcision; however, when someone is an adult, I fully support their choice should they desire a circumcision or not.

Last minute update: I now see "You are not authorized to view this protected entry." ;-) He has un-friended me from his live journal; thus making it so I can not defend myself. Whatever! I have returned the favour. But, not being a secretive person, I never "lock" my journal entries; so un-friending him won't effect him at all...

A poem sent to me:

It's winter in New England And the gentle breezes blow, 70 miles per hour at 52 below!

Oh, how I love New England When the snow's up to your butt.

You take a breath of winter air and your nose, it freezes shut.

Yes, the weather here is wonderful, So I guess I'll hang around.

But I could never leave New England 'Cause I'm frozen to the ground!!
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