August 10th, 2005

Keep Walking

Walks on the beach and Steven Tyler!

Last night, after Dave and my work days had ended, we decided to go to Nantasket Beach for a swim and a stroll following a romantic dinner at Papa Gino's Pizza/D'Angelos Subs. Although the Atlantic was chilly, we went in about knee deep, then enjoyed the sunsetting as we walked along the beach... *SIGH* What a nice evening, and the first of many with Dave officially being my life partner -- yes, sorry guys -- I am now officially off the market (but still available to play from time to time!)

After dinner and the beach, we stopped at the Dairy Queen on 3A for sundaes, when who should happen to stop out for a late night sweet? None other than the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler! The girls working the Dairy Queen were all giddy! Now if I could have planned him to be there and serenade my love... Oh well, it was then back home we went to have some fun and watch another Dr. Who episode!
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Keep Walking

Gearing up for London and Paris!

I am currently developing my travel plans for my European Vacation with Dave Pike (who is my guide and host for this trip) -- below is my schedule (a work in progress.) If you are in the London area and would like to meet me (please say yes!), ONE thing I have locked in on my schedule at this time is going to the Club "X.X.L." at 21:00 (9PM GMT.)

Also, my international telephone arrived today; therefore, if in London, you can ring me at 02079 932750 (yes, my regular number) while I am travelling -- please keep the calls short, as it costs a bit to place/receive calls with my portable phone. While stateside, incoming calls are FREE to me -- so don't hesitate to ring me now -- just mind the time difference (-5 hours GMT) -- my window for receiving calls is 8am EST - 9pm EST (13:00 GMT - 02:00 GMT.)

I am really looking forward to meeting up with my online friends, as well as folks I've met before too! Let's do plan on seeing/meeting! My schedule is very loose right now (see below), but will be filling up more and more over the next few weeks.

Interested in going to Paris? I'm planning a jaunt there on the 16th & 17th!

07-SEP 08-SEP |London, UK + Overnight travel from Boston, MA to London, UK
08-SEP 08-SEP |London, UK Touring London / Getting Acquainted
09-SEP 09-SEP |London, UK Meeting up with Dave Pike and all / Perhaps going out to the Hoist?
10-SEP 10-SEP |London, UK
11-SEP 11-SEP |????????
12-SEP 12-SEP |Nottingham, UK Hanging out with Dave Pike
13-SEP 14-SEP |York, UK Touring York
16-SEP 17-SEP |Paris, France Touring Paris
18-SEP 18-SEP |London, UK Meeting up with David Cornell
07-SEP 19-SEP |London, UK + Chaz' European Vacation!
19-SEP 19-SEP |Boston, MA Daytime travel from London, UK to Boston, MA

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