August 9th, 2005

Keep Walking

The Barracks (Toronto) closes it's doors forever...

The Barracks, Toronto's oldest steambath at 56 Widmer Street has been open since 1974. They had the great privilege of watching the gay community grow and mature. They saw gay Toronto come from the days of raids, arrests, fear and oppression. We now live in a community of general acceptance, of being able to celebrate who we are without fear... but without the historic Barracks.

After over 30 years of service to the gay leather community, The Barracks (in Toronto) closed it's doors forever last Friday. I've spent many a night there and I will miss it terribly... This is a serious blow to the Leather Community of Toronto, following the closing of The Toolbox, just under a year ago...

In the mean time, I will go to Steamworks Toronto instead... :-(
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