June 27th, 2005

Keep Walking

Weekend Activities!

Bewitched! The weekend started off with Boston Bears' Happy Hour at The Alley, and promptly at 19:00, a group of us (13 people) walked over to the Loews Boston Common for "Reel Bears" movie night to see the new Bewitched movie!

After reading bad review after bad review, I wasn't expecting much of a good movie... Surprise! It was a very good movie! Nicole Kidman did a great job, and although they twisted things around quite a bit, other than the bad Uncle Arthur impersonation and Will Ferrell being his usual jerky, comic-relief self, the movie was great and was respectful to the original show and cast! I was pleasantly surprised.

It was then back over to The Alley, for a very slow Friday night -- seems everyone headed down to New York City for the Gay Pride parade -- in any case, I met Dave's other partner, Mark. A charming gentleman indeed! We headed home and crashed... It was going to be a somewhat early morning, as we wanted to hit the beach on this super-hot weekend!

Ipswitch Beach Following breakfast at Friendly's (I haven't eaten there in a very long time!) we packed and headed to the beach! Driving by the birthplace of Dave on the North Shore (about an hour north of Boston), we headed over on the motorcycle to Ipswitch Beach (the photo on the right is a view of the beach we were at from Plum Island.) This is the first time Dave had been on a long-distance, highway-speed motorcycle ride -- he did quite well! It was also the first time I'd been to the North Shore to actually go into the ocean! The beach was hot, probably about 40C in the sun, while the water was frigid, probably about 13C. We spent a few hours there before taking off, making a stop at The Clam Box, a nationally recognized landmark, located approximately 30 miles north of Boston in historic Ipswich. They have been a New England tradition serving generations of families only the finest in fried seafood for over 60 years. They are well known as one of the best places for fried seafood in the land.

From a New England to a Rochester Tradition! That evening, I thawed out a pack of Zweigle's Red & White (Picnic Pack) Hotdogs!! White hots are unheard of in these parts! I even made up a batch of Coney Island Sauce and fired up the barbecue grill! We had an old-fashioned picnic meal (Rochester style) with Macaroni Salad, Egg-Potato Salad, Boston Baked Beans and Zweigle's hots! Yum! Later that night, I played an episode of Family Guy for Dave and a South Park episode! We both went to bed early, as Sunday was going to be even earlier, so we could get to Salem, MA for the cancer walk...

North Shore Medical Center Cancer Walk On Sunday, June 26, 2005 thousands of people participated in the 10km North Shore Medical Center Cancer Walk. This year marked the 15 years of regional determination and individual commitment that has raised more than $10 million to ensure state-of-the-art cancer care provided by NSMC. Each they celebrate the life, hope and courage of those touched by cancer. They honor the cancer survivors who walk with us, and remember our lost loved ones. As we walked, their lives inspire and remind us of the important work of the North Shore Medical Center and the NSMC Cancer Center. Proceeds from the walk go directly toward oncology services to ensure a state-of-the-art facility where compassionate treatment, high standards and skilled staff provide quality care and comfort here on the North Shore. Dave's family all gathers and walks together at this event in memory of their mother, who was lost to cancer.

Bewitched Landmark! Following the walk, Dave, Mark and I stopped to check out the new Bewitched statue, which was just dedicated June 15th in Salem, MA on a rainy day cold enough to be Halloween. (Boston Globe photo [left]: Former "Bewitched" actors Erin Murphy, Kasey Rogers, and Bernard Fox posed at the statue of Elizabeth Montgomery.) It was a very nice statue, located in a nice little park in Salem! When the landmark was unveiled on June 15th, a handful of protesters, upset that a statue of a TV witch will stand in the home of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials, were outnumbered by a crowd of about 1,500 Bewitched fans, who cheered as the statue of the late actress Elizabeth Montgomery, shown sitting side saddle on a broom. We then went to Dave's sister's home in Salem for a family get-together!

After returning home in the early evening, Dave and I decided to go bowling before dinner. We played three games and topped the night off with copeland pizza (yum!) with my roommate, Dennis, followed by the movie, Practical Magic and a few more Family Guy and South Park episodes...

Such a deal! It's cheap Coke at Shaw's and Star markets! They are selling Coke products (after coupon and rebate) for $1 per 12 pack! (Add tax and deposit, but it's still a deal!) It's one of the more confusing promotions I've seen, but it works well. Clip the coupon from Shaw's weekly flyer (buy four cases, get one free), use your shopper's card and get the soda (4 cases for $10), and then look for a mail-in coupon, for a $5 rebate and a free 1.5, 2 or 3 litre coupon to come out of the coupon "spitter". Needless to say, we now have a closet full of Coke and Fresca at home, enough to last the summer!

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