May 16th, 2005

Keep Walking

First long distance bike ride of the year... Salt Ash Inn & More!

It was risky going 170 miles to Salt Ash Inn on my motorcycle with the weather forecast predicting 50% chance of showers on Sunday (for the return trip) -- but I really wanted to get re-associated with the bike for long distance riding as soon as possible, so I wrapped up my belongings in waterproof bags, stowed them in the saddle bags and headed up north to Plymouth, Vermont for the N.E.M.O. party at Salt Ash Inn. About 60 miles before arriving, the temperature turned colder (about 7C/45F), add the wind chill to that, and I was a chilly leatherman when I had arrived there at 20:00. I was lucky that there wasn't any rain though, and counted my blessings.

Friday was our set-up day, so in between working (I can work remotely on my laptop, which is a blessing) and work teleconferences, I helped get things set up for the party. People began to arrive as early as noon. By six o'clock p.m., there were at least 30 people on-site and the party began!

Saturday was all about working at the Inn and the party. Lobo (one of the guys that helps run the event with us) had chest pains in the afternoon, and needed EMTs and an ambulance to take him to the hospital to ensure that he was okay (better safe than sorry, right?) The activities during the day were just as busy as those at night, except that more people were arriving! Since John F. wasn't at this party, I took point for sounding demonstrations in his absence! Between gomco demos and sounding demos, a total of six people got a chance to experience something new! Saturday dinner went off without a hitch (Jordan's cooking, once again, was just great!!) Then we heard from Lobo, he was okay and was asking to be released. Jon and Jordan headed to town to pick him up. Everyone was happy to see that he was doing well.

Sundays are strange at N.E.M.O. parties -- many guys tend to leave very early, and others stay and play until the afternoon! I was more interested in the weather for the return trip... I was watching Weather Underground very closely for a break in the rain patterns -- I wanted to get home for a "date" at 19:00 -- but the weather was not cooperating! Rain, fog and cold were steady until about 15:40, when I chanced it and took off. Although chilly, windy and enduring road spray, I was able to zip home by 19:15! Top speed: 175kph (108 MPH) That was fun!

My core body temp was 35C when I had arrived home; so I took a hot bath to get back up to 37C where it belonged! Dave and I had a lovely evening together and now I'm working from home. After being around so many men all weekend to find myself home all by myself, I find myself being quite melancholy and somewhat lonely. I'm sure it will pass as the day does on and I find myself wrapped up in work...
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