May 2nd, 2005

Keep Walking

Bear Trek 2005 Review & More...

On Friday, a bunch of the Boston Bears descended upon the unsuspecting town of Danbury, CT for Stevo's Bear Trek 2005. Due to an oversight on my part, I forgot to add myself into the mix with the hotel room-share, and ended up booking FIVE of us in a room that was designed to hold a maximum of four people. Oh well, it still worked out okay!! One of the guys didn't like the "Sweet Sleeper" bed and preferred to sleep on the floor with a blanket! (Phew! -- Disaster averted!)

Friday, the Boston Bears were to man the door as bouncers at the Triangle Cafe from 8pm to 9pm. No one was there to greet us, nor tell us what to do! After speaking with the staff at Triangles, we figured it out for ourselves and did a damn good job! Our relief (The Garden State Bears) never showed up; therefore we ran the door until 10pm! (Nice planning guys!!) :-P The new Gotham City Bears hosted a free B.B.Q. (hotdogs and snacks) -- one guy in line asked "Hotdogs? I thought you guys were serving tacos!", to which I wittily replied "Oh! You want the lesbian bar down the street!!" As the night treaded on, and the bar became more crowded (wall-to-wall men and fur!) and the music became louder and louder, I felt it was time for me to head back to the hotel and go to bed. It's not fun guarding your crotch from "accidental" bumps and gropes in these large crowds when you're in the condition I'm in!

Saturday, following brunch and assisting Jon set up the N.E.M.O./Salt Ash Inn vendor table at the Vendor "Maul", I proceeded to coordinate all the access/information I needed to host the evening's cocktail party being hosted by the Boston Bears and Salt Ash Inn. I picked up the liquor and snacks, then established a WiFi connection with my laptop and a special 1/8" audio jack FM transmitter unit to re-broadcast BearRadio.Net during our cocktail party! We were going to split the evening between Sirius Radio's OutQ and BearRadio.Net; however as we found out later, we could not get a satellite signal from the North side of the hotel.

I felt ahead of the game, and decided to replicate my mail to discover that Yahoo once again deleted my account!! My address "", which I have had since 1997 and my address of "", which I had since 1998 have now BOTH been deleted. I now know why, and there's nothing I can do about it, thanks to their new (mis)management of "Yahoo Groups." I zipped out and created yet again, a new Yahoo account --, which is my new e-mail account. I was bummed out about the way Yahoo is pissing off their PAYING members. Visit and Yahoo Sucks Ass! What bastards!

Following dinner (which was not up to Sheraton's quality!!) and the $20 candy bar fund-raiser for A.R.C.S., I finished off the final touches for the hospitality suite and chilled for a while before the party was to begin... Now keep in mind, a cocktail party has NEVER been done at Bear Trek, ever. I have had over 20 years of experience with club runs and how to do cocktail parties! I proceeded to mix the punches, the RED "Anal Violations Punch" with tons of booze in it, and the non-alcoholic BLUE cocktail: "Blue Balls Punch" -- set snacks out, turned on the "entertainment" and the Music and opened the doors! We filled up well beyond room occupancy! As the temperature rose, clothes came off! Shortly thereafter, lamps were turned down and the fun began! Our part was to go from 11:30pm until 2am. We ended up closing up the suite at 3:30am when Stevo (who was next door) needed to go to sleep and we were making too much noise! (He he he...) What a party it was! I'm sure that other clubs will want to do cocktail parties at future Bear Treks now, but it's nice to be the FIRST to ever do it!

Brunch on Sunday was to be from 11am to 2pm. Well, if you weren't there by noon, all the food was GONE. And what was left if you were late was cold. Once again, pad planning on both Bear Trek coordinators and the Sheraton where we held it. Whatever... We should have guessed it would have been as such... We stopped and had dinner on the way home and we were all happy then!

Sad news... My next door neighbour, Chris, who's been caring for his sick father got word today that he has passed away. If that's not bad enough, my buddy, Mike B. (Wickit Pissa) from New Hampshire fell asleep riding his motorcycle home and crashed his bike... Below is his e-mail to me about this:

Hi, Chaz.

I racked up my bike Thursday night, apparently nodded off on the way back from dress rehearsal for my Gilbert & Sullivan show. Multiple fractures to the clavicle, broken shifter toe, bike will survive after repair (thanks to BMW for putting an engine head in the way to keep me from breaking a leg). No backpacking or bike riding while it's healing, unfortunately. They say 6-8 weeks, I'm really hoping I'm healed in time for my planned departure for Denver on June 13.

I'm still thinking of going to the Salt Ash Inn party, am about to contact Jon to see if there are any cheap beds left. See you there if I go.

Mike, the Wickit Pissa

If you know Mike or Chris and would like to send a card or e-mail, and don't have their address, drop me an e-mail and I will relay it to you if you want...

Pecker Status: After a rough weekend of everyone but me getting sex (see the link below), I was quite horny -- but my pecker is still in a bandage and still healing. I had a 'date' with sexy Dave from New Hampshire Sunday evening (well, we just hung out at The Alley) -- he got me so horned up, that when I got home, I very carefully wanked and got much needed release (after 23 days of NOT cumming, it was awesome to get some relief!! Even if it hurt to do it!)

Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me
(Shockwave required)

Sorry to be so long-winded in this post, but a hell of a lot happened this weekend, and there's more coming up this week!!

My buddy, Mike C. from Long Island is coming up to spend the weekend and will be participating in the 2nd anniversary party of the Boston Bears at The Alley! Friday, following Boston Bears' Happy Hour at The Alley, a group of us is going to see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which I have been waiting a long time to see! -- Then on Saturday, Mike and I are going for a motorcycle ride, and that evening to The Alley for a super special Boston Bears' Barnight!

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