April 24th, 2005

Keep Walking

The NEW Ramrod & A Miracle on Gothland Street!

From the I'm impressed department: The Ramrod got the message loud and clear, and did something about it!

On a spur of the moment, my buddy John F. and his boy Jonathan decided to come down to Boston for the night to go dancing/cruising at the Ramrod. My obligatory "groan" came out, followed by my laundry list of why I stopped going to the Ramrod... They had already made reservations at the HoJo's across the street, so the Ramrod it was -- I replied with a "maybe I'll go out..." Considering that sexually, I'm useless; drinking-wise, I'm on call (so that's out), and I can't dance without great pain to my bandaged penis. But, I do like both John and John; so I told them to call me when they got to town... I ate dinner with Dennis (my roommate) and his son. I took a nap and missed a good portion of the new Star Trek: Enterprise series finale (shit!) and then go the call that John and John were in town...

He sounded so happy to talk to me, I simply couldn't say "No, I don't want to go out to the Ramrod tonight" -- so I told him I would meet him there shortly. I put on some leather and headed out... What I thought was going to be a boring, slow and troublesome night turned out to be the best night I've had at the Ramrod since I moved here in 2003! They have added a licensed patio on the front of the bar, allowing people to bring their drinks outside, and allowing the smokers to smoke and drink at the same time (which changed their attitudes quite a bit! Also, the staff was outgoing and friendly! Not just the guys that KNOW me, everyone! In addition, the physical split between "The Ramrod" and "Machine" has been made quite obvious, with the entrance into "the back room" being moved to the Ramrod side! If that wasn't enough, they were enforcing the dress code again, mostly properly!

Wow! The general manager of the Ramrod came up to me and asked if I was "Chaz", to which I nervously replied "yes", and he introduced himself and mentioned that he has been "reading my blog" and the Boston Bears' online group and that the complaints with the Ramrod, that I have been so very public about were helpful in making the changes he had been working on! I was quite impressed!!! He also provided information on how to contact him directly if I had any concerns in the future! (Talk about GOOD customer service!)

It's nice to have TWO bars once again in Boston that are comfortable for Leathermen and Bears! It was good to see the Ramrod full of leathermen BEFORE midnight and all having a good time.

Pecker update: (a/k/a "A Miracle on Gothland Street!")

At 16:30 today, after my buddy Arnie left (he stopped over to hem his leather pants) I decided it was time to change the dressing on my penis (due to a slight burning sensation I was experiencing) -- I unwrapped the outer gauze, the transpore wrap, and then the next layer of gauze. There was very little dried blood, and there was no "sticking" to the wound. I was relieved to discover that ALL the steri-strips had stayed in place, and it appeared as if the wound was fusing closed just fine! The alignment looked proper (phew!) and to top it off, even the PA hole has shrunk from 6mm to about 1.5mm wide!!! It's hard to tell in this new kind of bandage if I'm "leaking" from the PA hole or not, but it had appeared that I was urinating out of ONLY one hole as of last night! There is hope that this route of treatment is working!! I tidied things up, applied fresh dressings and re-wrapped in exterior gauze (this helps prevent impact pain from bumping my crotch into things/people.) I will check again in a few more days (probably Tuesday) to see how it's going. There is no drainage and some narrow granulation without gaping (splitting) taking place in the frenulum/prince albert area -- which is a good sign that this will heal very nicely!! I feel a bit better about things today!

On a similar note, I was pretty pleased to see that Dr. Cornell chose me as his new "poster boy" for his Male Circumcision & Revision Yahoo Group! The flaccid photo of me on their home page was taken between 10-JAN's circ and 08-APR's circ. It's nice to have your cock so prominently displayed on the internet!! :-)
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