April 18th, 2005

Keep Walking

Where the hell is Mahwah, NJ??

I have arrived in Mahwah, NJ today! I will be in the area until Thursday afternoon.

I will be working in Tuxedo, NY (just a few miles from the Sheraton Crossroads [photo left]) on a disaster recovery test for the next 24-48 hours.

Hopefully, once done (I am estimating Wednesday afternoon), I will have some free time to trek into New York City, and perhaps around my father and grandparent's hometown of Haverstraw, NY.

Note, the photo is the actual hotel I am currently in! It is the tallest building in the area and quite beautiful too! I'm on the 20th floor, facing northeast (towards Haverstraw, NY) -- it's quite a breathtaking view!

My availability will be sketchy over the next few days, but if all goes to plan -- I'll be at the New York Eagle on Wednesday night! :-)

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