March 25th, 2005

Keep Walking

STOP #4: March 25th - Phoeniz, AZ

We pulled into Phoenix, Arizona in the late afternoon on Friday the 25th -- checked into the Red Roof Inn on Camelback Road, unpacked and took a much needed nap! We were to meet Adam E. later that night (a fellow cicumsexual that wants to get circumcised high and tight), also my buddy Alex Davis who moved there from Rochester, NY about a year ago. We met up with Adam that evening and had pizza, he was an interesting person! Later that night we went to the The Padlock Leather/Levi Bar to check out their "black-out night!" ** YAWN! ** The back bar was blacked out, except for the guy going around with the flashlight all night long! Some fun! NOT!!

Saturday, we headed to the The Desert Botanical Garden and spent just about all day there! There was a lot to see! Following our visit there, we drove out into the desert to see a rare sight:

This is the desert??? A once in a lifetime experience -- the desert in bloom! Unusually heavy rains brought the South-West USA back to life!

Saturday night, we went to TexAZ Grill for a nice steak dinner, and then it was off to NuTown Bar on 53rd street, where my buddy Alex works. It was a black out night there that night as well! This was a REAL black out night, and they also allowed a clothing check! My buddy Brian never saw such a thing -- naked men walking around the bar! I took off all but my boots, chaps, vest and cap and joined in (being the naturist that I am!) This also gave me the opportunity to show off my new cock to everyone! ;-) We had an awesome time at NuTown, and recommend it highly!

Sunday it was off to STOP #5

to be continued ...

The Pecker Report: Currently, I'm on day #4 from my recent "re-circ" and have been able to go into work both Monday and Tuesday, wearing a leg bag connected to my catheter. There is far less pain with this different approach to my circumcision than last time, and seems to work far better for my situation with the Prince Albert hole. At night-time, I have a bed bad that holds a lot more, making it so I can sleep through the night without emptying the bag.

Although this is a learning experience for me (I have never had a catheter up my urethra for more than eight hours) I can't imagine people that have to live like this all of the time...
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