March 22nd, 2005

Keep Walking

STOP #2 - Oakland/Los Angeles California...

We left off, returning to Boston on March 21st. On March 22nd, I flew from Boston to Oakland, California at 16:40 -- I arrived ahead of time, just about 22:00 PST.

My buddy Brian B. picked me up at the airport in his convertible and we went to his home for the night. We had a bit of play time, but then crashed -- we had a busy week ahead of us! The next day, we drove from Oakland, CA to L.A.

I was going to meet up with the recently circumcised Bruno, as well as Rick and Bruce; but due to complications with all three of them, they could not meet up with me... :-( Next time, I guess! Brian and I checked into the hotel and proceeded to go out to The Faultline, a leather bar in Los Angeles. We had an enjoyable time and met new folks.

L.A. is an interesting place, but was not what I expected! It reminded me a lot of New York City, just flatter and wider. I thought that driving there would be a serious problem, but it really wasn't that bad! I was not a huge fan of "boystown", but hey, it could be worse! The next morning, we left town and headed to Palm Springs... I saw the "Hollywood" sign on the hill on the way out of town!

After hours on the road, we arrived at STOP #3: Palm Springs, CA. I was to meet up with Ron G., a friend that moved there from Boston last year. We didn't know that it was the White Party weekend!! Eeps! We managed to find a place to crash at The Desert Palms resort. It's under new ownership and is now a nice place! One of the leather bars, The Barracks, was across the street!

After a light dinner, Brian and I headed over there to cause some trouble! Ron met up with us about 22:00 and my newly circumcised cock was the topic of conversation! Quite a few guys wanted to check it out, and two guys came back with Brian to our hotel room for a bit of fun! Fisting and Gomco clamping for the two of them! :-) Very nice!

The next morning, it was time, once again, to hit the road for STOP #4: Phoenix, AZ.

... to be continued!
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