February 21st, 2005

Chaz in Tux

Weekend Update & 5th Week Anniversary!

As usual, following work on Friday, I headed to The Alley for Boston Bears' Happy Hour. I met up with a bunch of friends there, including Paul, Kevin, Arnie, Dan, Peter and others! It's good to see so many of the Boston Bears coming out on a regular basis!! Now we just need to raise awareness of the presence of the group -- maybe backpatches??? Although The Boston Bears is not a "leather club" in the traditional sense of the meaning, we are a club none the less... I will have to think about this some more... at 19:30, I was scheduled to leave with Shawn, but there was no sign of him. I was getting very anxious to leave, as I was due in Fall River for a Red Hanky Play Party! I walked outside to get a cell signal (I get NO reception in The Alley on my NexTel.) Sure enough, Shawn left me a voice mail that "he was on his way" at 19:35. Sigh... By 20:50, I just couldn't wait anymore and left, keeping an eye on Washington Street as I walked to the MBTA Station. Lucky for him, he was wearing his chaps with the red stripe down the sides that caught my eye as he walked past me!

We hopped the train to Braintree and got into my car, parked in the Wolleston T park & ride. We arrived in Fall River just after 22:00. Shawn and myself were to remain there for the next day and a half! There were a total of ten men, a good mix of tops & bottoms (mostly versitile) and two slings! It was a great bunch of guys, no attitude and lots of non-stop play! I'd been chatting with a lot of these guys online for a while, but never met them in person until that night!

One of the guys I met, Ken (photo on the left), was a really nice guy and we've got a lot of similar interests! In fact, everyone at the party were just GREAT PEOPLE! They were not PNPers (people into sex under the influence of drugs) and quite down to earth folks. Of course, there was more than an average curiosity with my newly circumcised cock!

On Saturday I fucked for the first time since my circumcision (at the 40 day mark!) It felt amazing because now when I wear a condom it does not roll back and forth with the skin (as the skin does not move!) -- Condoms were always an annoying aspect of safe sex, especially as they added yet an extra layer of insensitivity to the sex act. Now, if feels as if I'm not even wearing one! (I had to pull out a couple times to ensure I was wearing it still!, I care about my partners, so I'm paranoid that way!) I'm still more sensitive in my new state than I was in my former state. There's almost too much sensitivity at times (especially after ejaculating) -- some people have thought I was having a seizure! :-) -- Nope, just waves and waves of pleasure. Who knew that there would be this much of a positive change?

For those curious four of the guys at the party were uncut, two of them expressed a great interest in my recent modification and were full of questions; one of them had a bit of phimosis but could (painfully) retract -- a prime candidate for Dr. D! I gave them both Dr. David cards (and some encouragement!) Since being clipped, on average I have been having up to twenty serious circumcision conversations per weeknight via e-mail, Yahoo IM and/or over the telephone -- it's just amazing that even with the Internet just how much misinformation and myth about adult circumcision is still out there!

Of course, today, Monday the 21st is my 5th week anniversary date of my circumcision, and I've been loving it!

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