January 29th, 2005

Chaz on Bike

How I Lost My Car (Amusing Story) & My Date Last Night!

Well, where do I begin? Heck, do I even tell anyone about this, or simply forget that it ever happened?

Friday is Boston Bears Happy Hour at The Alley. I drove in and met up with some friends, and met a new friend, Steve (formerly an officer of the Excelsior M.C.) -- following happy hour, we decided to head over to the Ramrod. I normally don't like going there due to the parking problems in the area -- but I lucked out and found a spot right near the entrance! I went in and met up with Steve. He was staying at the Howard Johnson's across the street and invited me back to his place! I warned him that I was "out of commission" for the most part, but he was cool with that and we proceeded to drink!! I got pretty lit and then we went over to Hojo's and had some fun! I was quite happy to actually get some light usage out of my poor penis, which is still healing... Well, we pretty much played all night -- he was also circumcised VERY tight, and had an interesting story about it. Apparently his father caught him masturbating when he was 12 years old, and he got the doctor to come over and clip him as punishment. He was very insistent that ALL of the foreskin was removed. The doctor had to do it four times in a row to get it to his father's liking. He was almost as tight as me!! He had a HUGE, wide dark scar (almost black) where his foreskin was amputated (Brian B. would have LOVED it!!)

Well, morning came -- (if you can call 12 o'clock noon the morning), and I got my crap together and got ready to limp home with a bit of a hangover. I said so long to Steve and headed back to my car across the street... Oh oh! That's not my car! It's not where I left it! Eeeks! After looking around for it up and down Boylston Street and realizing that it was probably towed for something stupid, I called 9-1-1 from a payphone (as my cell phone was in my car! Duh!) They patched me through to the Boston Tow Lot, where they asked me for my license plate number -- which I didn't remember!! Oh great. Well, I knew there were two "G"s in it, and it ended with 14 or 41. Finally I did remember it on my own and they replied that they did NOT tow it, and they gave me the phone number to check with another towing company (this happened like five times before I realized that someone must have stolen it...) Just wonderful!!!

I called 9-1-1 back again to report my stolen car. They told me I had to go to the police station and report it in person with my driver's license. Where's the nearest police station? 640 Harrison Street in the South End. Here I was by Fenway Park, a good 3-5 miles from there!! I hailed a cab and told the cabbie that I needed to stop at an ATM to get cash to pay him. The ONE ATM on the corner of Washington and Mass Ave was broken, and there was no ATM to be found anywhere else!! He halted the meter and we started driving up and down Harrison Street looking for an ATM! Cripe! Finally, I made it to the police station, where they informed me that in addition to my license, I needed proof that I owned the car! I just got the damn thing, and the RMV has not yet sent me the title! The officer checked the tow lot again, just in case it had come in in the past hour. Nope. The police told me that I would need to go home to Quincy, get proof of ownership of the car, then come back into Boston and complete the report. I asked if I could just have the Quincy police do this, as it was a big hassle to go home just to come back into Boston. Nope, it had to be at the BPD. *SIGH!!!*

I took the "T" home with my tail between my legs, upon arriving home popped an A.C.C. for my headache and took a much needed long hot shower. Suddenly, it dawned on me -- I really didn't take a close look in the HoJo parking lot!! I called Steve at the hotel and described my car to him and asked if he would check... Five minutes later, the phone rang -- sure enough -- it was there!!! Neither Steve nor I have any memory of moving the car the 25' from Boylston into the parking lot!!! Normally, I would NEVER drive, not even 7 metres into a parking lot, in the condition I was in. Well, that will probably be the last time I drive to the bar for Happy Hour!

My awesome roommate, Dennis drove me to my car... That was nice of him! I have to go in and work tonight, moving more servers. (19:00-07:00)... I volunteered for it, as I feel guilty for the last weekend changes that were dumped on Bob S. while I was out of town...

It was nice to get my cock played with by another tightly circumcised man! He knew how to handle it! He was also very, very gentle with it which was important, considering the condition it's currently in! I liked it rough! I was happy to oblige! We'll have to get together again soon! WOOF!

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