January 20th, 2005

Calvin & Hobbes (Outdoors)

Back At Work!

Well, major progress today! I'm actually back at work, in normal dress clothes and all! No one is the wiser, except for those that knew where I was last week! :-) I'm wearing my "fat" clothes (size 34), but tomorrow I think I'll wear my normal 32s, as there does not seem to be an issue...

Going to the washroom is still an adventure... I don't think the Prince Albert piercing hole will close at all. It looks almost the original size again... *sigh* So, for now, my primary focus is on the scrotal incision (which has finally shown signs of closure [big sigh of relief], and being patient for my "cast" to come off next week.

I have a few friends that are making plans to see Dr. David for their circumcisions and revisions, and they want me with them, so I'm sure I'll be heading down there again soon. Dr. Dave and I discussed the possibility of a catheter and a few sutures to try and reclose the hole, this time without the compression bandage, and a catheter in place for a couple of weeks, it might close then...
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