January 19th, 2005

Chaz & Bruce

Only Six Days Left! & Cute Stuff!

"Entry is only allowed through the TARDIS!" At the high-availability ICO data facility in Sydney, Australia, their bio-metric mantraps are lovingly called TARDIS! (What is the plural for TARDIS? I thought it was cute!! The traps look more like matter-transmitters than Tardis, but then again, as matter-transmitters are not commonplace yet, who's to say?

Circumcision Update:

I checked in the the doctor again last night and sent photos. He thinks things are progressing very well and not to worry about how everything looks right now. Things will take some time to settle down, and I simply shouldn't worry about anything right now. It will be weeks before it looks "normal", and months before all signs of the surgery have vanished. Chances are that the former Prince Albert will NOT heal shut -- although I've been very careful with it, it seems to have opened even further. Oh well.... I guess I can always put my ring back in, right? I really wanted to start out with a "new" cock, but alas, people in hell want ice water too!

Due to my limited range of comfortable movement (which is getting VERY good now!), I don't think my form would be good for bowling tonight; therefore I've asked for my team to get a sub for me... :-(
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