January 18th, 2005

Chaz on Bike

Recovery: Day Eight & Other News...

Okay, I know SOME of you are just TIRED of hearing about my circumcision and recovery -- so I'm splitting this into two posts... Circumcision & recovery is on the bottom. The top portion is everything else...

Well, considering I haven't been getting out of the house, not much has been happening -- however, I did send out the latest version of "Where's Chaz???", and you can see it below if you didn't get a copy in your e-mail...

Well, we're just about over the winter hump! My bike should be back on the road on March 15th (weather permitting) -- I miss it so much! Look: No "sub-agendas" have been created this time! I've been flying by the seat of my pants on my last few trips, and they've been great! Again, I'd like to remind folks that I distribute this list to try to encourage my friends to come along for the fun!!

My upcoming trips & events:

2005-03-18 2005-03-20 Boston / MA - USA Boston Bears 2nd Anniversary Run Weekend
2005-03-31 2005-04-03 Plymouth / VT - USA Boston Bears/Salt Ash Inn Orgy
2005-04-08 2005-04-10 New York / NY - USA Metrobears 10th Anniversary Weekend *
2005-04-29 2005-05-01 Danbury / CT - USA Bear Trek 2005
2005-05-20 2005-05-23 Rochester / NY - USA Rochester Rams' CanAm Weekend *
2005-05-27 2005-05-30 Quakertown / PA - USA ECMC Biker Picnic *
2005-06-10 2005-06-12 Plymouth / VT - USA Boston Bears/Salt Ash Inn Orgy

Events in the works: Vacation to Fort Lauderdale (Spring '05), Vacation to the United Kingdom (Summer '05)

* Not "locked in" yet, See "sub agenda" below

Circumcision Diary & Recovery News

Ahhhhhhh... That feels good! I took a shower for the first time in seven days last night. I did this with the help of a non-lubricated condom on my pecker and plastic wrap on my balls! Funny to see, but much better to smell now! I even shaved in anticipation of going back to work today, but I'm still working from home today...

I still have some concerns about the sutures from the penoscrotal web resection site. It seems the wound just does NOT want to close COMPLETELY. I think my nocturnal movements might be pulling it apart nightly. During the day, it seems to do very well and seems to be closing -- then I go to bed, and when I awaken and there is a couple sections that are open... I consider it UNSAFE to return to work with my work clothes on in this state -- I'm moving as little as possible, awaiting the seam to seal shut before I dare start moving about... Things seem to be progressing though! I've been in constant communication with Dr. Dave (my circumciser), by sending photos and comments (he must really be rolling his eyes at me by now -- I'm so bloody anal retentive!!)

It appears the former PA hole has indeed sealed shut. It's difficult to tell for sure, as with the bandage on, I can't "roll" my penis over to investigate the ventral side. I will know for sure soon...

Tomorrow, I replace my compression bandage. It will be interesting to see what's been going on under there for the past 10 days! I promise I won't do anything stupid when replacing the bandage; off and on. That's all. About time too, without cleaning my prick, it's really smelling pretty funky down there! (T.M.I., eh?)

Oh well, while I'm on all the gross stuff, let me warn you that if you go for this kind of circumcision, although you are warned about how awful your cock head (glans penis) will look while it's healing, you have no idea of just how awful it will get!! My glans are multi-coloured with pink, orange, yellow and purple streaks. The texture of your cock head will become pliable, almost like warm wax or clay and the skin will begin to get very, very dry and start to peel. This is all normal. Following recovery, apparently an entire layer of skin will come off and things will return to normal -- I was a bit concerned when I started seeing all the changes in colours and textures; but it's apparently a normal part of the recovery process.

I have no intention of publicly posting any photos of this. Yuck!
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I couldn't risk it.... I changed the bandage a day early.

My compression bandage was in such sad shape, with black (dried blood) and gunk on it, that I feet it necessary to change it a day early. I don't want an infection to develop.

I washed and sterilized my hands, then I very carefully removed the Coban, layer by layer. After looking closely at the gauze layer, determined that it was also a mess. Sigh... I soaked the bandage with some water to loosen it up, then carefully removed it, ensuring all the sutures and steri-strips (although appearing loose) remained in place.

I didn't get a good look at things under the bandage due to the steri-strips; I was quite nervous and shaking while doing this. My main goal was to re-wrap it before getting an erection. I patted my penis down with a clean, dry cloth and then re-wrapped new sterile gauze back on it, followed by the last of the 3M Coban.

It's just about as tight than it was before, I don't want to take ANY unnecessary risks.

It already looks a lot better in the new bandage. I hope that all the activity I see happening around all the sutures is healthy healing going on... Sometimes it's really hard to tell!
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