January 17th, 2005

Penis (Animated)

It's been an interesting week!

It's been one week since my circumcision. I have been recuperating at home -- working and sleeping and eating. That's just about it. ..

Everyone has been really great trying to keep my mind off of sex (except for a few buddies that keep e-mailing me x-rated studs!) Thanks guys, I'll remember this!! :-) Check out the photo on the left, you get the idea...

Ben B. came over Saturday night with his massage table and gave me an awesome two hour massage -- it was the best replacement for sex I've had besides ice cream with hot fudge and nuts!

I have had a LOT on questions about the scrotal z-plasty portion of my operation, and it's not an easy one to explain in text or over the phone -- so, with the aid of the internet, I located someone else with the same problem I had (just not as prominent!) - see the photo on the left. Notice the skin that goes from the scrotum and up the penis shaft? Now surgically cut away that skin here, as indicted by the red lines in this photo on the right. That's what they did to me (in addition to all the other work...)

Okay, you've got a strong stomach? This patient was just like me. He's a patient of Dr. Whithead had a history of an aggressive circumcision at birth. He has hair on the base of the penis that he shaved, upper scrotum attached to the base of penis and a penoscrotal web (turkey neck) of entire lower surface of penis to the glans (head) giving the appearance of a short penis and deformed scrotum. What you see in these photos, is exactly what I had done (in addition to the other three procedures.)

The other portion of the operation was the Sleeve Resection Circumcision. Most folks don't even know there is more than one way to circumcise, and there are many styles of circumcision you can have performed -- provided you have a doctor that knows what he's doing .. Just remember, unlike a bad haircut, it's permanent!!!! The procedure is as goes: The foreskin is slid back along the shaft and a freehand cut is made around the shaft as far back as the scar line is to be placed. The foreskin is returned to cover the glans and another cut is made around the shaft at the same position along its length as the first. A longitudinal cut is made between the two circumferential ones and the strip of skin removed. The edges are pulled together and sutured. The glans and frenulum are not protected. The frenulum can be included in the main cutting or can be cut separately if desired. Results depend very much on the skill of the surgeon, but can be as tight or loose as desired with the scar line anywhere that is wanted.

Typical* Sleeve Resection Circumcision

* Now remember, my circumcision was NOT atypical, I went to Atlanta to see Dr. David Cornell as he is the world's best circumciser. His methods are unique and have amazing results! If you are in need of ANYTHING urological, you must see him!!! He's truly a remarkable person!

My healing has been going well... Since my last update, things have pretty much been the same with marked improvement every day. The only complication I have had has been the former Prince Albert hole. Due to the swelling of the glans penis (head), my urine stream has been constricted, resulting in much more pressure than normal. It broke through the Prince Albert hole on Wednesday evening and I was pissing out of two holes again... *SIGH* -- I tried various methods of trying to keep the hole sealed so it would knit and seal closed, but they all had their drawbacks. I finally figured out to pinch the underneath while urinating, and the hole seems to have closed up (healed over!) I will continue to pinch it closed until I the swelling of the glans goes down and I can resume normal urination.

Well, my compression bandage comes off in 7 days, 21 hours. I can't wait to see my new cock!!!
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