January 13th, 2005

Calvin & Hobbes (Outdoors)

Recovery: Day Three

Well, I slept much better last night; (don't laugh) I folded up a T-shirt into a little "pillow" to rest my bandaged penis upon while I lay on my side, as recommended to relieve pressure on the new circumcision seam. This proved to really aid in getting to sleep; although I tend to move a bit in my sleep and it didn't remain there all night.

I made a few revelations in the past 24 hours: I now appear to be able to isolate better where the throbbing was coming from; it wasn't the circ!! Rather, it's coming from where my 00ga (9mm) Prince Albert hole was cauterised and stitched. As the hole goes right through to the urethra, you can imagine why that would throb. The actual circumcision seam, apparently thanks to so few sutures, the use of the steri-strips and in combination with the compression bandage, does not have any pain/throbbing nor discomfort at all!! Revelation #2: [Thanks to Dave P. (UK) who made this recommendation] that whenever I got a "morning rise" to simply go pee, even if I thought I didn't have to. This morning was the first time I didn't use any amyl! I awoke at 6:30 with an erection and rather than popping an amyl, I went to the washroom and urinated. It went down (after about 6 minutes) -- I didn't wake up again until 7:30, which would be my normal wake-up time anyways, did the same thing and again, things returned to flaccid shortly thereafter! So, I got my first good night's rest since Saturday before the procedure.

The scrotal sutures have closed very well and are healing faster than I thought they would! Already things are beginning to look "normal" down there, with the exception of my glans (head) which is sticking out of the bandage and swollen (obviously from all the work performed on the frenuluar area and former Prince Albert hole.)

I will continue to post my findings in the AC&R group, alternatively, I'm pretty open and easy to talk to about this, and I'm free to discuss details about anything involving my circumcision, reasons for it, restoration, experiences with Dr. Cornell, etc., please feel free to Yahoo IM me (mc4bbs), e-mail me, or even call me (9am-1am EST [-5 GMT] only please!)

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive!! This has been a great experience!!! I will post to all the groups once the bandage comes off!
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