January 8th, 2005

Chaz @ Coupecoy Beach

First night in Hotlanta!

Well, the plane finally took off, we were only an hour and a half late... Touched down in Atlanta about 5:30pm and hopped on the MARTA to Midtown where I'm staying on Ponce de Leon (literally 2 blocks from the Atlanta Eagle! It was nice to walk outside without a jacket!! After settling in (and locating a neighbourly WiFi connection -- am I hooked on the internet, or what?) I headed to The Atlanta Eagle where I met Leo and his boy David. Charming fellows who recently became daddy & boy (lovers) - they work well together! The Eagle had "The Barebackers of Atlanta Cigar Party" and "The Men of ONYX" barnight last night - very sexy! We chatted and danced until last call (3am here) and I headed back to the B&B and crashed for the night.

I tend to overplan things; but I've been trying to turn over a new leaf and be less planning and let the spirit take me where it will; therefore, I've got no idea how to spend today! I think I'm going to pop to a few visitor sites and see what there is to do here! (I heard something about a Coke museum! That would be cool...)

Anyways, it's now 1 day, 23 hours, 4 minutes and 52 seconds before my appointment with Dr. Dave! I'm still excited as all hell! Lots of strange dreams about this... What a mind trip.
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