December 29th, 2004

Chaz in Desert

Christmas in Rochester, NY!

Last week, I went home to Rochester to visit friends & family! Once again, I stayed with my good friend Bruce MacWhorter. I left on Thursday to avoid the crazy Boston traffic. After arriving, Bruce and I went to the neighbourhood straight bar "Casey Jones" which is two blocks from Bruce's house. I got to meet Nancy, whom Bruce is always praising. She was a hoot!!

Friday, Bruce took off to be with his family in Palmyra for the weekend, leaving me to fend for myself. (Don't worry, I'm good at that!!) -- I was going to see if Johnny (my ex) wanted to do our planned night of music and movies, but he said that he felt sad for Dale (his double-ex) who was most likely spending Christmas Eve alone -- he told me that all three of us could meet at the Bachelour Forum and if Dale said "yes", he would hang out with Johnny then I would let them have the night alone; otherwise we were going to get together. Well, Dale said yes and they were off just about as soon as they arrived.

Without any real plans for the weekend, I picked up my phone and started calling a few friends o see who could come out and hang out with me at the bar. The first couple to arrive were my good friends Jack and Steve -- we spent a good hour together alone, which was so much better then trying to talk to twenty people at the same time! Just as they were getting ready to leave, Jim and Mark showed up! (Good timing guys!) Jim was showing me his new creation: A shock collar for your balls (ye-ouch!) with a remote control that rivaled a cell phone in complexity! About the same time Jim was zapping me, a very belligerent Dale came stumbling into the bar, back from Johnny's within two hours?? Something didn't go very well there. Oh well... After he had a shot or two, he got in my face about something I posted about him in my blog (it took quite a while to figure out what the hell he was talking about -- he even had to go home and search my archives to find the single statement, print it out and get back in my face at the bar.) Sigh.... I honestly hoped that John's generosity and genuine niceness would have made a nice evening for both of them. That was obviously not the case... He managed to fade into the woodwork while I continued to hang out with my pals.

Later that night, I stopped by my friend Geoff's house (not knowing that he was sound asleep) and scared the fuck out of him when I knocked on the door! After he calmed down, we had a nice evening together.

Saturday was Christmas Day! I drove out to Brockport and visited with Walter and my cats for a few hours. It had been almost a year since I saw Walter! He's looking well, but quite lonely out there alone... Poor guy. My cats are doing well! Stimpy is just about 15 years old now and is slower, and Ren has grown HUGE!

After my visit with Walter, I went to my folk's home and hung out with them, did dinner and (as usual) did minor repairs on my dad's computer! :-) After my visit and gift exchange (one of the most easy-going ones our family has ever had!!), I headed back to Bruce's and got ready to go out to the NEW bar in East Rochester, "The Cellar Door", 146 West Commercial Street. A bit of a drive, but close to the I-490! My buddy Frick and his lover came out to see me and hang out for a little while, then I headed back to the D.J. booth and met ANOTHER Charles! We spent most of the evening together hanging out (literally!) and he let me spin the tunes all night! I haven't DJed for so long, it was a blast!!! When I left Cellar Door, feeling horny and not tired, I headed to RSBC to hang out for the night! I haven't been there in a long time! As always, the party follows me!

Sunday morning I went back to Bruce's and took a nap. When we were both up and about for a while, we called Johnny to see if it was cool for us to come over and chill. We arrived shortly thereafter and did music and movies all afternoon! Johnny introduced me to the Nip/Tuck series -- great show!! (I ordered the Season 1 DVDs today!), and as if that was not enough, we then watched "Desperate Housewives" -- another really cool show that I had heard about, but had not seen (like I have time for television, HA!) It was a nice visit, and then as planned, Terry picked up Bruce (it was Bruce's birthday) at John's and I drove back to Bruce's (after a quick stop at the Bachelour Forum for a nightcap.) I promptly fell asleep on the couch, as I was exhausted!

Monday I worked from home (from Bruce's house) all day. That evening, Bruce and Terry were going to do their gift exchange (which they never got around to the day before!) -- As this was my last night in town, I went out to the Forum (again) to hang out... if it was slow, I would have gone to a movie or something! I bumped into a few folks I knew, some of whom I hadn't seen in years... It was a nice time! Getting back to Bruce's, we did a Simpson's (the cartoon) marathon until about 10pm and then crashed. I did my morning system-work and e-mail stuff and proceeded to drive home (now that the snow was taken care of, and the traffic wouldn't be so crazy!)

Friday I fly to Philadelphia, PA for the Philidelphian's RUN (TRI-CEN), the AMCC meeting, and the Mummer's Day Parade! My buddies Al Rizzo and Dan Marty from Rochester will be there too! The following week, I go to Atlanta for my circumcision... The clock is now at 11 days, 13 hours, 47 minutes. Eeeks!
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