December 19th, 2004

Naked Tease

What a wonderful weekend!!

Warning: Graphic details in this posting!

I had sort of a "long weekend", starting on Thursday after work, I picked up my friend Brian at Logan airport at 6:30. I met Brian on the internet a while ago. We both share an interest in adult male circumcision, he wanted to check me out before I went down to Atlanta for my circumcision as well as explore Boston. Shortly after arriving in town, we had dinner at Little Duck (a great Thai restaurant just down the hill from my home) and stopped at Bad Abbot's so he could see a real Irish pub. Afterwards, we went home where we did a mutual exam. He proceeded to place a Gomco clamp on my cock. He was quite amazed at my resistance to pain as he cranked the dial almost all the way down! (If he had turned it slightly more, I would have been circumcised then and there!) What an amazing thing to do, less than a month before my real circumcision! I now have another circumcision mark on my rod. :) All of which will be removed forever on the 10th!

On Friday, I worked from home until noon, then we went up north to Salem, MA and took in the sights. We visited the Salem Witch Museum and the House of Seven Gables! It was great fun -- I only get to do this sort of stuff when folks from out of town are here... We left Salem and arrived in Boston in time to go to The Boston Bears' Happy Hour at The Alley. We only stayed for one drink, as we both needed "disco naps" before we were to go out on the town for the night. At 22:00, we both left Quincy and went to The Alley for Leather Night (which was pretty quiet, as the Bay State Marauders were at the Ramrod that night.) After a drink, we grabbed Peter Kim (Peter Panda from the Boston Bears/Entre Nous) and headed over to the Ramrod! We stayed there 'till last call! We had a good time there, although it was kind of quiet that night. Getting home sucked, as the Big Dig and parts of the I-93 were completely closed.

Saturday morning, Brian and I invited Chris, my neighbour, over to try the Gomco out! He was nervous, but handled it like a trooper! I think he enjoyed the fantasy of being circumcised; but I know for a fact that he does not have the same sexual/fetish interest in it that Brian and I do, and I'm very sure that he would not want to lose his foreskin! We video taped (digital camera) his procedure so he could send it to his part-time master in North Carolina! I think he will like it!!

That afternoon, Brian and I went to NELA's Fetish Faire and Fleamarket and did some shopping! I picked up a couple of cool toys, and Brian got 500ml of saline and a 20ga needle for a ball infusion! *WOOF!* (Due to the fact that I would be having surgery in less than three weeks, and he is due for surgery this coming week, we didn't use it this time... We'll have to do it next time for sure!) Following the fetish faire, we had dinner at Legal Seafood in Copley Place and then headed to The Alley for Ron Suresha's reading of "Bear Lust" to be followed by The Boston Bears Barnight. We called it an early night (about 11pm we headed home...)

Today, we headed into town to go to the Museum of Fine Arts, which we only got to see about 1/2 of (the place is HUGE!), then home for dinner. I just returned from dropping Brian off at Logan for his return flight home -- I already miss his company!! :-(

It's 21 days and 11 hours until my circumcision, and I'm more confident than ever about it!! I have still been listening to Collective Soul almost non-stop.... This week and weekend, I've been playing their new album, Youth. It's GREAT! Today's music choice is all about my circumcision countdown -- "counting the days" -- if you haven't heard it, please check it out! You won't be sorry!
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