December 6th, 2004

Naked Tease

Back in Boston (for four days!)

My weekend got off on a bad start, the car I bought was not ready for pickup on Friday morning as promised. Grrrr... It really ticks me off when people tell you something is going to be at a certain time and then they let you down. So I worked from home in the morning, finished up a few work-related things (which have been accumulating lately!) -- then at 11:30 I walked to the red line and took it to South Station. I hoped on the Acella (high speed train) and was zooming to NYC at about 130 MPH.

I arrived on time, 16:50 and walked to where my buddy Joe Hayden was working and we met up. We began to formulate our plans for the evening. Our first stop was Brooklyn to drop off my luggage and for us to change. After "relaxing" a bit, we were on our way to the Dugout (Christopher St.) for the Metrobears' Barnight. My friends Bob and Michael from Rochester met up with us at the Dugout, as always, it's a treat to see them -- especially when they are out of town as well! Mike (of the Metrobears) wrangled me into entering their "wet boxer shorts" contest. I encouraged Max to also join in (he was fence-sitting, so it didn't take much effort!) The problem was, I wasn't wearing boxers! Angel to the rescue! He ducked into the washroom and took his off to lend to me! How sweet! (I've heard of people taking the shirt off their backs for someone, but their boxer shorts???) The event was emceed by none other than ICNY's Tra-la-trash. I didn't win but Max and Lenny tied for first place! (I was really thankful they were using hot water!) -- Meanwhile, back in Boston, the Mr. Bear New England contest was a complete success!! After drying off and re-dressing; all my friends: Max, Joe, Bob, Michael and myself walked up the street to Ty's for a couple more drinks before we would call it a night. It was at Ty's that they were playing the last episode of South Park on the big screen (the one with Paris Hilton) and watched as my pals lost it because they were laughing so hard when they saw the "South Park Whore-Off Contest!" (If you haven't seen the episode, you don't know what you're missing!!! Too funny!!!) We then met a sweet Alabama boy (well, he was about 45 years old) with a really cute smile -- Miles. He was already a little toasted (read: drunk) -- but seemed like a nice guy. He was from Mobile. Joe, Max, Miles and I headed for a late night snack up the street and Max and Miles went their own direction after we were done.

Since we were out until the wee hours of the morning, Joe and I ended up sleeping until 13:00 Saturday morning. We decided to grab a quick light lunch and head into Manhattan. I showed him McSorley's and the East Village Cheese Shop, we got our toys and then walked down 15th to the west side -- arriving at Raymond's Cafe shortly after 18:00. Other leather club folks were already filling up the place with toys and cheer! The somber note, of course, was Jeff Arnold wasn't around this year to see the tons of toys and cash generated for Leake and Watts Services Inc. Specialized Foster Care (Jeff's chariry of choice.) Jeff's former employeer, Pearless Importers, gave a cheque for $1,000.00 for the charity!

After Toys for Tots wound down, Joe and a few others (including Shawn) crashed the Metrobears' Christmas Party (we got there just before it ended) to say hello to everyone. After that, we went to the NY Eagle for a nightcap and headed home to Brooklyn.

On Sunday, we had a nice leisurly brunch and headed to Bear Cafe and hung out for a while before I caught my Chinatown bus back home... As always, a I had a great time in New York! I do wish I could move there! After visiting three weekends in the past three months, I'm feeling like a New Yorker again!! ;-)

This week (at work) looks like there is going to be a lot of upset and frustrated people (myself included) as they have forced us to box up everything in the office as they re-build the entire first floor. This means that everything is a MESS and no one knows where they are going to be moving to, how big their work space will be, who their neighbours will be or where their stuff currently is. *SIGH* And if that's not enough, I have to build a server in two days (I don't know where it is, if it has a network drop, or for that matter, enough disk space to accommodate the application!!!) Did I mention that they want to move servers off hours from one server farm to another also??? One day at a time...

This coming weekend is the last Boston Bears' Men's Party at Salt Ash Inn in Vermont for the year. I'm looking forward to hanging out with my New England friends for the weekend. It will be the last time I see them before going in for the "big clip" in 34 days -- which I am still looking forward to, although I'm a bit nervous (do you blame me!?!?)

Oh, yeah -- I got my new car today -- but, as usual with me, there is a problem with the title and I can not register it at this time. The dealer is trying to straighten it out. :-(

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