December 1st, 2004

Chaz in Tux

I got a new (used) car!

Well, so much has changed in the last few days... I closed a deal on a used 1999 Plymouth Neon! Although it's small and a four-cylendar car, it's in good condition, has a few perks and will be reliable winter and foul-weather transportation! -- Exactly what I was looking for!

All for only about $3500 (although I didn't want to spend any money on ground transportation until 2005 -- oh well!.) I take delivery Friday morning. Just in time to park it and head to New York once again!!! Due to the fact that my Boston friends that were going to New York City with me have not contacted me to confirm, I have altered my plans...

Chaz' Schedule Alterations in italic print

12/03-12/05 New York, NY: Empire City Motorcycle Club's Toys For Tots

12/03/2004 13:20 Depart Boston for New York City via Amtrak Acela Express #2167
12/03/2004 16:42 Arrive in NYC Penn Station
12/03/2004 20:00 Check in with Joe Hayden

12/03/2004 22:00 Metrobears barnight at the Dugout?
12/04/2004 10:00 Breakfast & Shopping in NYC -- Remember to pick up toy(s) for the party!
12/04/2004 19:00 ECMC Toys For Tots (Raymond's Cafe - 88 7th Ave at 15th St)
12/04/2004 22:30 Eagle NYC for some cocktails
12/05/2004 02:00 Sex Party at Expose? (250 W 26th @ 7th/8th)
12/05/2004 13:00 Brunch (unknown location)
12/05/2004 16:00 Depart on Chinatown Bus (B/D Subway line to Grand St)
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