October 26th, 2004

Chaz in Tux

Getting ready for Vermont!

Well, the men's play party is this weekend! I'm excited and nervous -- it's the first large event that the Boston Bears has done on their own since it was created. In March, our second anniversary is coming and I'm already working on plans for an "in town run" -- should be cool!

In other news, due to the death of my friend Jeff Arnold in New York, my schedule (and my personal priorities) have changed radicially:

2004-10-29 2004-10-31 Plymouth / VT - USA Salt Ash Inn - Men's Play & Party Weekend!
2004-11-05 2004-11-07 New York / NY - USA Jeff Arnold's Funeral & Memorial Service
2004-11-19 2004-11-28 Rochester / NY - USA Homecoming, Rochester Rams & Thanksgiving
2004-12-03 2004-12-05 New York / NY - USA Empire City Motorcycle Club's Toys For Tots
2004-12-17* 2004-12-19 Boston / MA - USA N.E.L.A. Leather Fetish Fair #24
2004-12-24 2004-12-26 Rochester / NY - USA Christmas w/ Friends & Family
2004-12-31 2005-01-02 Philadelphia / PA - USA Philadelphians' 30th Anniversary Run
2005-01-21* 2005-01-23 Washington / DC - USA M.A.L.
2005-03-18 2005-03-20 Boston / MA - USA Boston Bears 2nd Anniversarty Party
2005-04-01* 2005-04-03 Atlanta / GA - USA Dr. Cornell - Circumcision
2005-04-08* 2005-04-10 New York / NY - USA Metrobears 10th Anniversary
2005-05-21 2005-05-24 Rochester / NY - USA Rochester Rams' CanAm Weekend
2005-05-27* 2005-05-30 Quakerstown / PA - USA E.C.M.C. Biker's Picnic

* Unconfirmed at this time

I'm going to try to concentrate on my leather club brothers and my local club, the Boston Bears a lot more in the upcoming year -- Although I've made many trips home and to other clubs in 2004, I really need to concentrate more on the bonds of friendship I share with them... I feel that I've lost touch with some of them, and meeting them only at club events has not been the best avenue. It's great to go to the runs and barnights, but I need more quality time with them...

Which Canadian Province Are You?

I am...


British Columbia. You're hip and happenin'
but also a nice person who isn't a snob. Career
is important to you but it isn't your whole
life. People assume that your life is perfect
and that you have it all, like you were born
with a silver spoon in your mouth. But it's not
true; you do have your own set of troubles just
like everybody else.

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