September 15th, 2004

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Lousy Week So Far!!

So far it's been a hell of a week -- between working from 7am - 6pm on Sunday, then again from 9:30pm Sunday to 12:30am -- then working Monday from 8am - 6pm, then again Monday from 9:30pm until 3:45am, then another full Tuesday; I'm exhausted...

Yes, I'm the oncall this week, and I'm trying to train a newbie at the same time...

I also helped with Paul Meoni's campaign (he just lost last night in the Democratic Primary....) -- on the GOOD side, Tom Sannicandro (a write-in canidate) in Framingham actually WON the election! I don't know of a write-in ever winning! Wow!!

Going by MassEquality's reccomendations (for equal rights for gays & lesbians), we managed to KEEP all seven incumbent seats, and we gained two new seats (kicking out enti-equality legislators Mark Howland and Vinny Ciampa!!)

So, there has been some good news this week....

This weekend is Boston Bears Barnight and Out In The Park, both of which, I will be attending (sans pager!!) Please try to attend!!

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