September 8th, 2004

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Labour Day Weekend

After work on Thursday, September 2nd, we headed to Toronto (see my prior post.) -- We left Friday morning for Haliburton, Ontario for the Spearhead Run. We made great time getting there, with few stops.

The new campground, which has an Orthodox Jewish kitchen, was nice! Although all the food was to be kosher, and prepared by the camp staff (rather than members of Spearhead), it was all great! I didn't even miss my morning bacon!

The campground was great, cabin four was fun (four 1/2 wasn't as much fun.) Our cocktail party on Saturday afternoon was quite the success and managed to get quite a few people very drunk. Not only did we get an award for the party; we also got First Place Club Participation. We didn't expect that. Steve M got the "Cow of the Run" award (no pigs allowed at this campground!) ;-)

Our cabin crew consisted of: Tom Johnson & Bob Kirsop (Cleveland, OH), Steve Maxey (Chicago, IL), Al Rizzo & Dan Marty (Rochester, NY), Leo, Jack and Dave (Toronto, Ontario) and myself. We all had a blast!!

We departed Haliburton to head to Toronto on Monday the 6th (Labour Day) -- We had a nice dinner, then Dan, Bob and I headed to the port to take the CATS fast ferry to Rochester. The ferry was GREAT!! It was a smooth trip featuring a very comfortable environment! The inside of the ship was similar to the Enterprise from "The Next Generation" even down to the windows and seats. How cool!

(UPDATE:)Well, it seems that my first ride on the ferry was also to be my last (unless they fix things) Read this: Rochester/Toronto fast ferry service suspended indefinitely due to mounting debt and bureaucratic battles service.

We pulled into Rochester about 21h15 and drove back to Hemlock to resort things. Tuesday morning I drove the bike back to Boston.
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