September 1st, 2004

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Happy Anniversary!

Today is Wednesday, September 1st, 2004.
In 1997, John and I officially became lovers.
Today would have been our 7th anniversary.
Happy anniversary Johnny...

I found it slightly amusing to see Johnny's former "ex" and now current lover (for the second go-round), Dale Albertson, out at the Bachelor Forum last night. He was alone and so drunk and/or high that he couldn't speak or stand up straight. I guess some things never change, eh? I guess that could have been me.

Today's song, Wicked Garden by Stone Temple Pilots, was performed on stage by Johnny and Jackie in a leather show at Harro East two years before John and I dated. John and Dale's relationship was "on the rocks." John performed the number for Dale, due to his antics of going to the baths and the bars and getting drunk and being promiscuous. Johnny stared directly at Dale while performing the number with Jackie -- leading up to the point where he lit her on fire on stage. To this day I wonder if Dale even knew it was for him...

Although I do not wish any harm to come to Johnny or Dale, I find it amusing that I already see the typical "Johnny relationship pattern" repeating itself. The one that I lived through. In about two more years (if that long), they will be going out to separate bars and fighting in public, making scenes (and then making up) until one of them decides that they won't back down and the end is near.

Do I sound bitter? Naw... just feeling a little catty today after seeing Dale at the bar. I was actually hoping to see Johnny and Jackie out last night, not Dale.

... and people wonder why I love being single!!!

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