August 31st, 2004

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On the road...

Derek and I made it to the Rams' 29th Anniversary Run this past weekend without any major problems -- the weather for the motorcycle ride was great. We pulled in on Thursday evening and helped the Rams set up the camp for the guests on Friday.

The guests arrived Friday afternoon and evening -- the opening ceremonies kicked off and the first of many cocktail parties began -- a Fraternity-style party with beer funnels, lava lamp and posters in a dorm-room setting. Following the official statements and the run was declared open, everyone trekked over to Cabin D, for another cocktail party! The cabin was donned in fire-pit lamps and the "pledges" for the weekend were busy showing off their skills ;-) Cabin 4 rocked all night until dawn.

After breakfast Saturday, eye-openers were served and the day was off to a great start! At 12 o'clock noon, the "I Like Dyke Bike Hike" began -- we went to several fingerlakes towns for shopping, beers and ice cream and then cut the trip short, as the rain clouds were coming rapidly across the sky. We all got slightly wet, but not soaked. The rain broke and Fricktails and the People Games began. The rain began again as nap time fell upon the group.

The Buffalo Bulldogs hosted a very nice pre-dinner cocktail party with Mark (Jim Perrin's boy) as the centerpiece. As always, the main dinner featured an awesome selection of great food! I guess it was too good, as I overate.

Following dinner, the Rams' Associate members (this includes myself) hosted a TOGA PARTY in Cabin D. Some of the togas were amazing -- others were silly. When the party winded down, I ended up going to bed early, as dinner weighed on me.

On Sunday it was time for farewells for our guests -- I was happy to win the "Distance By Bike" award this year, and Derek won the "Caligula Fashion Award" for his very authentic toga! After our guests left, leaving about 30 people to clean up and pack, the tear-down and pack up began. Many hands made light work, and we were completed with the majority of it by 2:00, allowing some much-needed pool time for us to all cool down.

Once again, the rain came -- but it did not dampen our spirits. We watched the pouring rain and amazing lightening from the Main Hall as it hit Seneca Lake several times. Later that evening, we all gathered for Cowboy Chuck's campfire.

From 1am to 9am, Monday morning, the rain came down again. Dialing up to the internet, I looked at the satellite images and made a dash back to Rochester on the motorcycle, while Jack and Bob left their bikes at the run site to retrieve on Wednesday (they didn't want to risk riding in the rain.) I made it back with minimal road spray and helped them unload the truck when they made it back home to the Bachelour Forum. I dropped Derek off at the train station, had dinner with my folks, and then went to the bar to welcome Terry (Ed's boyfriend) on his first night of bartending there.

Today and tomorrow I'm working in Rochester, and staying with my good pal, Bruce MacWorter (who conveniently lives about 4 miles form IBM Rochester!) I'll be at the Bachelour Forum tonight for 1/2 price night, and will be going to Dan and Al's on Wednesday night after work to pack the van for the Thursday trip to Toronto.

By Friday, I'll be in Haliburton, Ontario for the Spearhead Run!
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