August 24th, 2004

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Weekend in review and "Government in Action"

Okay, I posted a few photos to hint you all into what was going on with me last weekend -- let's see if you figured it out.

Corvette/Derek (photo #1) took me out to dinner on Saturday for my birthday (belated) to the "Top of the Hub" restaurant (floor #52 of the Prudential Centre, photo #2) and then for my birthday present, bought a pair of tickets to Blue Man Group (photo #3) -- it was a great time!

Saturday night/Sunday morning I worked from midnight 'till 8am doing server upgrades (which were a pain in the ass!)

Sunday, August 22nd, Porsche and Chad hosted their first show for the Imperial Court at Friend's Landing in Haverhill, MA (photo #4 [note: the photo is a generic drag show photo, not our troupe.]) It was an 80s show. Derek/Corvette and I did a duet (a remix of "Do You Want Me?" by Salt 'n Peppa) -- and eight court members were in a group number created by Calliope to the tune of "One Night in Bangkok" by Murry Head. We raised a lot of money, and had a lot of fun!!

On Monday, after I had completed my system checks (for work); I headed out for my appointment with Anderson Cycles (Framingham, MA) for the completion of the modifications to my motorcycle (Sabazios*.) New, loud chrome pipes (muffler, photo #5), air filter and air filter box, chrome choke, as well as several other mods that only a true Road Star biker would notice. It took five hours of work to complete the work, and when we first started it up it ROARED. You can now hear me a block away when I rev my engine!!

* Sabazios is the nomadic horseman sky and father god of the Phrygians. My motorcycle was Christened with his name my Mark Wind of ECMC at the White Mountain Motorcycle Tour, July 22nd, 2004.

... in the news ... in the news ... in the news ... in the news ... in the news ... in the news ... in the news ... in the news ...
"Government in Action" from Chuck Shepherd's "News of the Weird"

  • An AFSCME union local filed a grievance against East Haven, Conn., mayor Joe Maturo recently for violating the city's labor contract by personally doing the civic task of reaching down into a storm drain and repositioning the drain cover, which Maturo noticed had become dislodged. According to the union, if a cover comes loose, the city is required to call out exactly four union employees, three of whom would get time and a half and be guaranteed four hours' work. Said union president John Longley, "It's not about the money; it's about our work." (Maturo, a licensed electrician, was a longtime union member himself.) [Newsday-New Haven Register, 8-2-04]

  • Canadian officials now require immigrants seeking work as strippers to submit nude performance photos of themselves, lest non-pros falsely claim to be strippers in order to get Canadian work permits, according to a July Toronto Sun report. Said an immigration lawyer, "They can't (even) be partially nude (in the photo)." Canadian club owners are so needy of strippers that they typically pay about Cdn$5,000 (US$3,700) a week for headliners. [Toronto Sun, 7-27-04]

  • U.S. military personnel and their immediate families can routinely receive elective plastic surgery at government expense, including liposuction and facelifts and even breast implants for women (if the woman supplies the implants), according to a July report in The New Yorker. The writer found that, though the military did not offer the benefits in writing, word gets around, and the benefit helps in recruiting as well as in keeping the military's reconstructive-surgery doctors sharp. [The New Yorker, 7-26-04]
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