August 19th, 2004

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Music & Sex

Have I been living in a music vacuum? I just found out that "Ex-Econoline Crush Frontman, Trevor Hurst, went Solo" over a year ago!!

I subscribe to CMJ, but I'm 12 months behind in reading the damn thing -- I need to set time aside with just me and the stereo like I used to do with Johnny. Time to play catch-up again!! I need to hang out with more folks into music like Johnny and I were. When I lived with John, the stereo was a major appliance in our household. We would spend hours and hours listening to new CDs, burning mixes, and when I came into the picture, I brought MP3s in from Audio Galaxy Satellite -- but could never get Johnny to completely move over to digital music. I have over 8,000 MP3s on my home system; Johnny had over 1,000 commercial audio CDs. We were a formidable pair when it came to music.

I have been busy at home working on cleaning up my MP3 collection and getting the files organized -- it's a big job.

On another note, I found this in the live journal of furrbear and the visual that came to mind was just too amusing not to pass on...

"If there is someone on your friends list with whom you would like to engage in a hot, sweaty, 4 hour long sexual encounter which - in terms of voracity - would sound like someone banging two steer carcasses together while stirring a 50 gallon bowl of macaroni and cheese over a public address system, then post this exact sentence in YOUR journal."
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