August 17th, 2004

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Red Ribbon / Fenway Park

Thursday the 12th through Sunday the 15th was the Mass Red Ribbon Ride, a bicycle trip from Pittsfield, MA (near Albany, NY) to Salem, MA. I was a motorcycle crew volunteer for this 225 mile event to raise money for 18 AIDS organizations. After 15 years of not owning, nor wearing, a rain suit -- I was forced to break down and buy one; as the weather looked bad, and in the role I would be doing, would not be able to duck under a bridge and wait out the rain. It's a good thing I did too, as it poured on Friday. There were a number of problems due to the rain, the worst being that one of the riders slid off the road and tumbled to a stop. In the process, he broke his leg and hip (Ouch!!!) We camped on the floor of the Smith Vocational School Friday night. Saturday was warm and sunny, but the trip would be 100 miles. That's a long distance on a bicycle!! Saturday night we camped on the gym floor in Weston, MA at Regis College. Sunday, due to hurricane Charlie, we canceled the last 25 miles of the ride and scrambled to get the bikers and their bikes home safely. All in all, it was a great event! There were about 100 riders (all of which raised $2,100 or more each, some over $5,000), 50 volunteers (who had to raise $200 or more each.) Sunday was recovery day for me -- nothing like sleeping in your own bed again!!

Monday I had the 8,000 mile maintenance performed on my motorcycle. Remember: I just got this bike on April 27th! Considering the mileage was at 8200, that's an average of 73.21 miles per day! My new pipes/exhaust, air filter, etc. has been deferred (again) 'till the 23rd. We're still waiting for parts. (Sigh!)

Monday night was a treat! I got to go to my first major league baseball game at Fenway Park! They were playing the Toronto Blue Jays. Although I was in section 3, row 5; I could see the game fairly well. It was an exciting game, and as always, the game was sold out. These tickets were thanks to PrideSports Boston, the parent organization for my bowling league. I just wish Kelley was there with me -- she would have loved it!!

I'm remaining in town this weekend, as 1) it's Boston Bears' Barnight, 2) I have work to do late Saturday night, and 3) there's an imperial court show on Sunday that I'm going to...

The following weekend is the Rochester Rams' Run in Dresden, NY; and then I will remain in Rochester for the week (with Bruce!!!) and take off for Toronto Thursday evening after work. Friday morning (in Toronto) a group of us will caravan to the Spearhead Run in Haliburton, Ontario (Labour Day weekend.)

In my spare time (what little there is of it), I need to resume going to the gym (I took July off), and continue to unpack and work on the new condo...
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