July 28th, 2004

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Hello, I must be going!

Okay; I've been gone ten days on the ECMC Bike Tour -- got home in time to pack the rest of my stuff up and move it; move into the new condo and spend three days there -- now it's time to leave again!

Tomorrow I travel to Hemlock, NY -- Friday I go from Hemlock, NY to Warren, Ohio for a camping weekend -- I'll be back on Tuesday, August 3rd.

Oh, yeah... Happy Birthday to me! July 29, 19xx !!

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Be the first to see it!! (work in progress)

Well, here's the first photos of my new bedroom... Keep in mind, I'm still unpacking and arranging things -- this process will take weeks to complete... *sigh* Oh, BTW: These photos don't do my room justice... You can't see the vaulted ceiling nor the skylight, or the big windows...

Now it's time to pack for the Unicorn's Run... Bye for six days...
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