July 14th, 2004

Chaz on Bike

Who knew there were so many paint colours?

Well, after hours of looking at paint chips, I finally chose the colours for my bedroom (above.) Note, that colours may not show up correctly on your monitor, and the sample image in the photo is not my new bedroom.

The walls are Caraway (a green-grey), the trim is Linen White, the ceiling is Swiss White, and accent trim will be Breakfast Blend, a reddish-brown. All of the colours work well with the new bedroom set I picked out (on the left) -- Imaging the furniture on the left in the room on the top and you'll get an idea of how my new bedroom will look.

In other news, We did it! Just moments ago, the Federal Marriage Amendment lost in the Senate by a stunning, bipartisan vote of 50-48. We won this historic victory for two reasons: First, because the politics of division don't work, and second: the votes were on our side.

Visit HRC's Website for details!
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