June 28th, 2004

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The weekend in review...

Saturday evening, Derek and I went to Chez Est for the "Buckle Up" show. Since the bar was sponsoring a "bus trip" to New York as well as a float in the NYC Pride Parade, the attendance really SUCKED. In addition, some folks in Connecticut really need to learn some manners!! Groups of people (what appeared to be straight latino girls and their boyfriends) crossed, slowly, in front of the stage, talking loudly and even stopping, blocking the view of the audience, to have a conversation -- as if there were nothing going on! How rude!!!

The bike trip there was great! The bike trip home was chilly! It was about 55F that evening (morning) from 01h00 - 03h00. Add the wind chill factor (we were traveling an average of 85 MPH (135 KPH), hitting 100 MPH (160 KPH) on I-84 a few times (I wasn't watching the speedometer, ooops!!)

Sunday I got a call from Peter Kim (Entre Nous) asking me if I wanted to go to Dim Sum with him. We had been chatting about it in eMail for a while. We went to Chau Chow City (Chinatown, Boston) -- which was by far one of the best Dim Sum restaurants I've ever been to. All the food was tasty and fresh! The place is huge too!! Three floors. Pierre would have LOVED this place.

Later that afternoon, I picked up Derek in Cambridge (surprise! he slept in Sunday morning, and I was up before him for a change!!!) and we grabbed towels, CDs, a six pack of beer, sun block and a kite and took the motorcycle to Nantasket Beach for the afternoon and evening. For the first time since moving to Boston, I actually got into the Atlantic Ocean (up to my neck)!!! Due to a wrong turn, what would have been a 12 mile trip, turned into 40 miles (oops! I'm still learning how to get places in these parts!)

For an end to the weekend, we went to Red Sauce for dinner. There is a Red Sauce restaurant on Adams Street in Quincy. The food was really good (for am Italian chain!)

I sent Derek home on the "T", and I went home and fell asleep (fully dressed) on top of the covers from exhaustion. It was a full weekend! :-)
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