May 11th, 2004

Keep Walking

Are you Metrosexual?

I am styling. I may have a bunch of fashion sense, but my macho man side leaks out here and there (mainly out my nose, I should buy some nose hair trimmers for Christ’s sake!)

Beautiful day outside today!! I can't wait to get out of work and on the road!!

Last night I went to see "Supersize Me", a documentary in where Morgan Spurlock documents his month of eating nothing but McDonald's food. He has to try everything on the menu at least once, and he must super-size his order if asked.

The movie got good raitings from the critics, and was fun to watch! The poor bastard got so fat and sick in 30 days -- I was just amazed. This is the movie to take your fast-food addicted friends to see!!

Do you want to see it too? Click here to find theatres and showtimes near you!